Selling Grand Theft Auto IV and Coraline

I have a PS3 and, based on glorious reviews in magazines and websites like Gamespot and IGN, I bought Grand Theft Auto IV from Amazon in the UK a few months ago. It’s the PAL version obviously and is in pristine condition.

As I only play football management games and flight simulators, I don’t relate at all to GTA IV. Even more so, the video sequences, violence and language are too, ahem, crude for my small kids. In fact, since getting the game, we “played” it only twice and for only 30 minutes each time. (As a matter of fact, I would readily exchange it for Little Big Planet if I had the opportunity…)

I’m selling the PAL version of Grand Theft Auto IV for the Playstation 3 at Rs 1000.

I am also selling Coraline, a 2009 movie which earned 7.8 on IMDB. I bought the Blu-Ray from Amazon in the USA but I was too stupid to realise that it was a Region 1 Blu-Ray which means it does not play on my Region 2 (PAL) Playstation 3.

Naturally it will play in any Region 1 Playstation 3 as well as standalone Blu-Ray players if they are compatible with Region 1. It will also play in Blu-Ray players found on computers, once more if they are compatible with Region 1.

Coraline is a “wonderfully imaginative animation — a visual masterpiece” (as seen on IMDB) and I have the 3D version which comes with four pairs of 3D glasses. In fact, those are the reasons I bought Coraline in the first place.

I am selling the Region 1 Blu-Ray of Coraline at Rs 600.

If you are interested in any of them, just send me an email at avinash AT noulakaz DOT net or give me a ring on 493-9394.


  1. lol I fear that most of the people out here download things directly from rapidshare etc…
    They would prefer a post with a direct link to the illegal copy, isn’t it guys**?

    **guys : Those who usually complain about FUP etc… :-)

  2. As far as I know, you don’t have pirated games on the PS3, isn’t it? I have visited a few shops in Rose-Hill where PS3 games are routinely sold for Rs 1500 upwards so asking Rs 1000 for one of the best PS3 games is not that bad after all.

    As for Coraline, I’m talking of Blu-Ray here. Downloading the equivalent of a Blu-Ray will take ages and, more importantly, you won’t get the four pairs of glasses needed to enjoy the movie in 3D :-)

  3. @Avinash
    I have this game already and play it on pc , its a cool game but intended for mature audiences only!.I Wish you good luck in finding people to pay Rs1000 for an original game on the ps3 .It seems to me that a lot are selling theirs on orange petites annonces lol…and their vote goes to the Xbox 360 :-)

    @ Yashvin
    No we download games by ftp and torrents, but not for the ps3 since it doesn’t play copies yet,and who knows when ;-) And we dont complain about FUP…you just need to know how do the trick.

  4. Rs 1000? Is that too much? Most shops in Rose-Hill sell PS3 games for Rs 1500 up. Yesterday, I saw GTA IV being sold for Rs 1800 which is nearly twice as much. In any case, Rs 1000 is what I paid on Amazon. I’m not trying to make a profit :-)

  5. ashvin says:

    I’m taking GTA IV… please keep it for me… and think about a family discount!

  6. Ok. Etant donné to mo frère :-)

  7. Adarsh says:

    Just to be curious… to watch a movie in 3D, should we watch it on a screen that is 3D enable or renders 3D (using the glasses of course..)

  8. The Coraline Blu-Ray uses stereoscopic techniques. It plays correctly on any TV as far as I know… but you need to wear the glasses (which are simply those common red / green things…)

  9. eshan says:

    How much is a ps3 console now? Did u buy yours in Mauritius?

  10. vicks says:

    Why not buy a wii for the kids? the games are nice and the way of playing also is fun :)

  11. @Eshan

    A new PS3 is around Rs 14,000 here. I got mine from Happy World. It’s, ahem, cheap given how powerful it is. I use mine to play SD and HD content using DLNA and to browse the web and watch YouTube from the couch… and it works great!


    The kids got a Wii for Christmas from one uncle and “we” love it for playing games :-)

  12. do you have playstation 3 game= Red Dead Redemption

  13. No. Anyone?

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