Valentine’s Day


On Friday, our kids, Anya and Kyan, prepared dinner for Christina and I for Valentine’s Day. They did almost everything including setting up the table, preparing starters (pâté de campagne), a big salad and dessert (biscuits topped with chocolate and almond).


After dinner, they gave us nice cards, all made by themselves. Kyan did his at school while Anya did hers in secrecy after school.


As you can easily imagine, Christina and I were delighted. The food was nice. The cards were beautiful. And we enjoyed being together. Since quite a few years, Christina and I avoid going to restaurants on Valentine’s Day for dinner. We much prefer to be together, have something nice to eat and drink and have fun!


  1. It’s wonderful the way you instilled your kids with this particular culture of Valentine’s day. At least they know it is not only about a young boy offering a rose to a young girl. It is a lifetime promise to be together. Really they are wonderful kids :)

  2. Thanks. When you have kids, you need to give them good values. For us, showing them how we can be happy together while enjoying simple pleasures is good. I am also fortunate to have a great wife :-)

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