Typical Mauritian food

We were at Péreybère on Sunday as delightfully narrated by Gavin on his blog. There, after some swimming and kayaking, we indulged ourselves (twice!) in some “glaçon rapé” (pictured above). It’s basically, in case you are not from Mauritius, ice served with different kinds of syrup.

I may be wrong but I think “glaçon rapé” is typically Mauritian. I don’t remember seeing something similar in other countries.


Another example might be “mine-bouillie carri gros-pois” (boiled noodles with beans curry). Granted, many have never tasted it. But I can tell that this bizarre combination tastes very nice. Just ask Kavi, Begum and Christina who are converts now!

Yet another example is the “dholl puri” which is one of the staple food of many of us at lunchtime. It’s a kind of pancake with a mixture of different curries and chili. I didn’t see anything similar when I visited India.

Can you think of other examples of food only found in Mauritius?

(“Glaçon rapé” photo by G@V!N)


  1. glacon rapE = snow cone?

    i really don’t know the origin of dholl puri? but i like to see it as derived from indian stuff parathas.. with dholl as stuffing ;)

  2. ‘Glaçon rapé’ is mot typically Mauritian. It’s available in other parts of the world too. Just search for ‘shaved ice.’

  3. Yeh!!!
    We got three more ‘adeptes pour mine bouillie Gros-pois’ – the team is growing…

    Actually you forgot about the Cold ‘Tamarind Juice’.

    It does so much good during these hot summer days.

    If we continue like this – Algoo Snack (which is where we go to eat Mine Bouillie Gros pois) will soon deliver to CSE Department at Reduit, as we will become Prime Customers.

  4. Shaved ice…

    Seem to be the same thing. Must have developed in parallel in many countries (I don’t think people selling that kind of low-tech thing ever met…)

    As for cold tamarind juice, Gavin, I guess this exists where you have tamarind trees like in Madagascar, Sudan, Egypt, Mexico, part of the US, Cuba, India and Persia in general.

  5. bansuri says:

    Actually in Singapore too they have a version of ‘glacon raper’ called ‘ice kachang’ , but it’s not served on a stick like in Mauritius, rather in bowls, and below it they put other other stuff like jelly, corn and red beans.

    And dhal puri, i was heartbroken when i learnt it’s really not only found in Mauritius, apparently Trinidad prides itself for having dhal puri as a ‘typical trinidadian dish’ – looks the same, tastes the same and venerated in the same way dhal puris are in Mauritius.

  6. shaved ice is often found in Hawaiian beaches as well :P But the way of presenting it with a little wooden stick is typically Mauritian ;)

  7. Chouaïbe says:

    mine bouille gros pois! :s
    li bon?

  8. Gato pima? Halim? Or does they come from India?

    Two thumbs up for fusion cuisine!! :)

    Funny how food once considered as cheap by our grandparents (such as dipain maison, rougaille poisson salé and lentils) are now considered as delicacies in the coolest restaurants! ;)

  9. To Chouaïbe:

    Yep. It’s eatable. I prefer mine bouillie with meat or chicken but the gros pois is nice… from time to time.

    To David:

    True. Rougaille poisson salé is a delicacy now ;-)

  10. yanoto says:

    i think we used to call ‘glacon rape’ ‘coco piker.’ i could be wrong. first time i am hearing about ‘gros pois’ with mine boui. but other typical mauritian food is : rougaille poisson sale, muluktani or halim (might originate from india).

  11. I prefer the typical mauritian dish:di riz blanc, sachini pomme de terre/coco, rougaille, bouillon and lalo + SALAD.

    When I was in India, I was fed up of eating Fast food or spicy oily food. Even their coke: Thumps up has a spicy taste. But in India, the Cane juice is popular. Its weird in Mauritius, where sugar is our pillar of the economy (which is becoming no longer the case), only at Caudan (near MCB) that we have the cane juice. Only in Delhi that we went to a restaurant that a “prototype” of such typical dish was found.

  12. Glacon Rape is pretty much availible where you can get ice and something to crush and flavour it with . popular flavours you should try are Baileys ( loads and loads in a cup- kind of like a dip), Vodka is a real classic with a hint of lemon…. strangely though; i cant think of any NON- alcoholic ideas….
    anyhow since you were in Perrey Bere- you should have given me a call ( you can edit the last line)

  13. Eta Nirish!

    C’est vrai ki to reste le Nord asterla! Lot coup mo Péreybère, mo sire mo pou téléphone toi.

    Quand nou mette ene bon plan la? Phoenix dans frigidaire déjà ek gagak pé cuit :-)

  14. avinash just mentionned smtg
    labiere phoenix ek blue marlin..nou labiere vraimeme apart net..letan mo ti la chine..mo ti p boire labiere sinois..ek oci ban mark international..mais kouma mne rentre dans avion pou retoure..pena nanien ki kav remplace ene bon phoenix bien glacer..

    ek oci..mine frite kouma nou konne li ici dans maurice..li typiquement mauricien..mne ale la chine..mone roder partout..sa kaliter mine frite la pena labas..fried noodle pena nanien a fr ek seki nou ena la..

    lot fois la mne trouve manz ene zaffaire dans ene lotel..mo pas rapel kouma li appeler..carry poisson ek mangue..ti mari bon..

    apres foder pas nou blier nou ti poisson corn ek so satini bringelle ( ek so ban bouteil par derriere) puiske nou p koz corn meme..kifer pas ene ti cari? (koike mo pas trop trop content sa..)

    apart glacon raper..ena oci ban marchand sorbet fait maison..mo rapel dans rose hill ena ene..fr ene lepok mo pann ale par labas..

    apres ena oci..baja champs de mars (mo konne li koumsa akoz lontant kan ti p ale lecourse..pas ti p gagne comprend si pas manz baja dans champ de mars)..ek ena so gato piment..samousa..dipain frire…

    apres ena oci alouda pillay dans bazar port louis..

    arg!!! tout sala p fr moi gagne faim!!!

  15. Chouaïbe says:

    pas drole les mauriciens sont parmis bane personnes les plus malades au monde (la sante) :p diabete, tension, cardiac, quoi d’autre?

  16. :-)

  17. Lucky are those who love Mauritian food and are still living in Mauritius.

    It’s a good thing my wife and I both love to cook. We live in a small town and if we want a “coutia mangue” or a “roti” and everything that goes with it, we need to make them from scratch.

    You should see the faces of some of my coworkers when I show them my bread with “coutia mangue.” They have the hardest time understanding how I can eat bread with mango :-) Talking about mangoes, a nice “mangue confit” would be nice.

  18. btw avinash, whr do u recommend us to get this famous mine bouillie gros pois?

  19. Hi Sundeep,

    We normally indulge at Algoo Snack in Saint Pierre.

  20. Hi Sundeep, you can also mix different stuff with your mine bouille….. Its a bit like Dell, you can customize and personalise!!!
    Do not forget the Tamarind Juice and the Halim as well!!!

  21. $?|@$# says:

    Mine Bouille Gros Pois ena Reduit osi

    Those who come to uni early should try “Mine Bouille Halim”, pli bon ki sa pena ;)

    telma li bon avan 0900 fini :S

  22. Hate$Z/A$Love says:

    The most commonly served in Mauritius, and tasty dishes include Creole rougailles, Indian curries and biryanis, Chinese “mine frite”, and French “gratin de crabes sur coeur de palmiste”. All these are part of the cuisine of Mauritius.

    Bt me wnt 2 no more on the daily food zat we eat!! :-(
    Any info??

  23. how do you make dahl purri… i have seen may recipies however when ever i try to make it i cant get it to be as good as the one in Mauritius any help would be gretaly appreiciated thanx to all!!!!!!

  24. I don’t personally know how to make dholl puris. I’ll try to ask.

  25. varsha says:

    pou mwa 1 typical mauritian c dhall pitha ek satini cotomili ou diri bouillion brede ek satini coco!!!!! woaw

  26. varsha says:

    ingredients pou dhall puri
    farine, dhall gramme ek couleur
    met dhall bouille avk dlo couleur
    entre temp
    petrire lafarine avk dlo couleur
    kan dhall fini bouillion
    craze dhall la
    fer ti loya
    rempli dhall la la dan
    belo loya la
    then met lor tawa
    pass de huile

  27. patric says:

    do some know the receipe of mauritian poulet kebab!

  28. patric says:

    or what they in the marinade of the poulet.

  29. Sumya says:

    Hi friends,im mtian leavng in india in a village in chennai,life iz vry hard here,smetimes ufeel 2eat ur mtian food but ze ingredient rhard 2find,until now didnt c glaçon rape,but other parts of india,or in cities its available,by ze way was lookng 4mtian (roti poule)n reach here,liked it.

  30. Shahen Algoo says:

    hello am shahen algoo,Algoo & Sons Snack is for my dad and i can tell you that the mine bouillie gros pois is the best…please come…you will like it…

  31. Hi Shahen,

    Tell you dad I’ve done some free publicity for him ;-)

  32. LOL!

  33. Shahen Algoo says:

    fnx a lot avinash…;)

  34. shaved ice is found in many parts of the world even in Chile and Peru ! with a stick too. As for dholl puri, there is a thick version in Up ( Uttar Pradesh) and they make it on Shakranti. I have eaten it. Trinidad’s version is more of a farata. I have eaten it too by the beach with fish curry. Rougaille Snoek is a typical provencal dish except that there they use salted cod. Recently while I was in the French Caribbeans, I made it for my French friends. In Vietnam and Cambodia, they eat all variety of leafy greens in a clear broth stock of garlic and ginger. I have eaten bouillon bredes chouchou, giraumon, cresson, patate douce, manioc etc, in Vietnam. As for chatini coco and cotomili, they are also found in India and Trinidad as well as Guyana. Actually I ate dholl puri, giraumon, carri pomme de terre et gros pois in Georgetown, Guyana ! But among all I think the mauritian samousa is unique. Halim is also different from similar soups, there is a Tunisian one resembling it, I had it while in Paris. I cannot remember the name, but it is in 20eme. The restaurant. While in Istanbul, I had a similar one there too but with much red lentils and served with plain yoghurt. The seven curries served in traditional hindu weddings sadly has its sister in Trinidad, along with takkar too ! The best example of a typical mauritian dish is probably the briyani. No version is any close to the local one. Not even the best hyderabadi one … another almost extinct institution is probably the gajacks that are served in local ‘taverne’ in Mauritians. Algoo knows probably what I am talking about. If any Port Louisian is on board, the should know about ‘l’hotel pakistan’ and its famous snacks, one of them being catelesse poulet on a stick. There is a close Vietnamese version I came by but it did not have the same spices. Tamarind juice is found in SE Asia. The basic massala spices of local mauritian curries is unmatched with its alike. The flavour is unique. The massaley in Reunion comes close … and recently while in the French Caribbeans, had the local dish there : goat curry with pigeon peas and rice washed down by the local beer ‘ President’ ! Tekwa is typical mauritian too and the best I have eaten is at the UoM canteen.

  35. Thanks a lot carriad for this great comment!

  36. To Patric :

    For mauritian poulet kebab :

    spices to be blended together – ginger, garlic, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and yoghurt. Marinate the chicken in the paste for 6 hrs. Roast on skewers, or bake. You can also dip the pieces in beaten eggs and coat in breadcrumbs, shallow fry. Drain and serve with mint sauce and red mazavaroo. A nice fresh baguette standing nearby would be great !

  37. Cheers Avi !

  38. Navin Algoo says:

    Hahaha Shahen is doing some advertising for the snack. Soon it will be Algoo Snack Pvt. Ltd.:p

  39. Manisha says:

    Dholl puri is originated from beharr. Mauritians have modified the recipe a little bit. ‘Barf ka gola’ – glacon rape is also originated from India. Gros poid on noodle is Hakka Food – mixture of indian and chinese food.

  40. Zotte faire moi baver quand mo lire sa bane commentaire lor plat moricien. For those who know Algoo might also pay a visit to the chinese shop at the intersection of Petit verger/L’Agrement road. His mine bouillie gros pois,achard legumes avec ene la soupe lentille mari rentrer. I’m in Vancouver and let me tell you that the food here is really awfull. Home sweet home:)

  41. The food may be awful but Vancouver sure looks like a beautiful city :-)

  42. o moin enan ban dimoune koner keT sa mine bouille gros pois lol
    top sa mo dir!!:0)
    thnks avinash pou sa post la!!
    ey btw kebab moris ggner zis moris sa non??
    pan truv sa ailleur!!

  43. de lux, seven seas, green island, blue diamond, divin letchi ek la bierre phoenix unik dan moris nah!!

  44. elodie says:

    bjr, s ki kiken cone fr takkar? mo p rode so recette. merci

  45. I’ll try to ask.

  46. ene la list pa exhautive pou baver pou banne c ki pa moris:

    L’entree: baddia champ de mars, baddia piment, gato arouille kot mike,

    Satini: la peau pipangaille, pomme d’amour, bringelle, gato piment, cotomili

    Plat: karry coq ar farata, karry poisson farata kot Mike snack la rue entrecasteaux PL, Rougaille bomli, Mine bouille saumon, rougaille snouek ou poisson blanc la rue la Corderie, corne frire, catelesse tricycle derier Barclays PL ek bazaar, karry zak,, curry barry, dal pouri chapeau la pailles, vivi ek deva, chevrette sec dans karry arouille, karry moteur, salmi lievre, ourite safrane, bouillon brede mouroom, brede chouchou, baton morrom(malerer kontent manzer), vindaille poisson avec zoyon toupi, la daube poulet cuit dan vier marmite, carry poisson dna vier karaye noir, Deg briani, grillade agneau.

    Achard: Margoze, pomme vert, bilimbi , piment chevrette, ail, mangue, zolive, bilimbi ki p sec pou met zassar

    Boisson/ dessert: Alouda Pillay, zi tamari (avec tamari cokin pli top encore), soucette tamarin. gato la cire, dilait safran, coco, la biere phoenix glacer/pression kot Keg N Marlin avan gagne la paye.

    Ajouter encore si enan

  47. Bhavinee says:

    Hmm, Mauritian food is indeed very delicious and speaks out many and colours as a nation (if i dare say) I am actually working on a project on food as a strong unifying force in Mauritius and would appreciate reaction from you people:) anything that could be of help!

  48. Bon dieu pour puni zotte si zotte continue faire peche excite mo l’apetit coume sa…Bon banne Trinidadien dans Canada-Toronto dire zotte qui invente Dhall pouri menti sorti Bihar.Ici nous ena mange Hakka un peu couma Maurice banne sinoi sorti dans calcutta mais bien bon pou nana.Apres longtemp dans port louis ti ena un bougre ti apele Aya ti vende Halim et mange cote la poste so Halim ti bien bien mo pas fine trouve plus bon,apre li vende lor bicyclete cote bazar so mange fini bien bonheur 11- midi perna.Li ti faire cari tortue ti bien bon so gras couleur vert. mo pas conne si li encore la mo pe cause 12-13 ans de cela.so piment ti bon

  49. Hey guys,

    What about Vindaile poisson with oignoin toupi in/poisson corn frire dans masala.

  50. Asterla, toi qui excite nou l’appétit ;-)

  51. edouard REGIS says:

    C’est dommage que vos commentaires ne soient pas en français.

    Pour le peu que j’ai compris, j’en suis ravi.

    si toute fois vous avez des recettes hors les plus connues, j’entends par là, je voudrais bien avoir des recettes de boulettes vendues dans vôtre capital Port-Louis,
    je tomberais de bonheur.
    Merci pour l’amitié mauricienne, je vous adresse celle de la martinique.

    P.S: répondez moi en français SVP, MERCI

  52. Bonjour Edouard,

    Merci pour votre commentaire. Jetez un coup d’oeil sur ce site où il y a quelques recettes des fameuse boulettes vendues partout dans l’ile…

  53. edouard REGIS says:

    Bonjour avinash,
    J’ai effectivement visité le site que vous m’avez conseillé, cela me plaît, oui, j’essaierai et je ne manquerai pas de vous dire si j’ai réussi.

    Encore MERCI, je vous salue de la martinique.

  54. Je suis content d’avoir pu vous renseigner :-)

  55. Kaajal says:

    Mo maurice mo manze c rougaille poisson sale avek du riz et bouillon. pena bli bon ki sa..

  56. To ena raison: du riz, rougaille poisson salé, bouillon brède soussou + satini pomme de terre avec pima sec :-)

  57. Hi Avinash,

    I was thinking if we can have a blog about old creole word like police station- corp de garde,police car-wireless car or places with dif names eg Tranquebar was called Dauguet,Baie du Tombeau was known as coco and Port louis was en ville -to pe alle en ville la? Please see if it will be ..Thanks


  58. Interesting idea. Why don’t you create such a blog yourself? It’s easy on WordPress.com or Blogspot.com.

  59. Hi Avinash,

    I am sending you the website Mauritius Australia connection lots of recipes from Mauritius,concerning the blog I will have to think about it I don’t want to wear a shoe plus gros qui mo li pied…




  60. Avinash(another one) says:

    do not neglect your readers
    blog more

  61. That’s an excellent advice :-)

  62. hi guy …i am in vancouer …just wake up in the middle of the night n wanted to lok for some mauritian receipe…reading ur comment made me want to land in mauritius as soon as i can …..tousa vane menu la faire gagne faim …ici gagne nek fast food ki famous..anyways thanks for sharing guys….saut tou vane moisien …snif snif mo p manke moris

  63. How’s Vancouver?

  64. humm vancouver is nice to live n hard to at the same time…mais nou moris reste le pays des reves….long live mauritius…can anyone post the receipe of gros poid dan masala….thanks dash

  65. une petite commentaire sur le dhall puri trinidadien
    Mauricien so dhall puri meilleur. nou servie dhall gram mais trinidadien servi dhall tipois. eh sa dhall puri ki marsan vender dans la ri moris sa li unique dans Maurice, li fone dans la bouce.

    poutou couma ti vender lontan sa oussi pa trouver.
    vindaye poisson, ourite
    nou zasar legume zis morisyen ki koner couma fer sa
    bouillon brede oussi plat typique morisyen

    doud piti avec sagoo
    gato patate (sa bizin aine invention morisyen)

    mo sire aina enkor kapave azouter dans sa la liste la.

  66. Merci pou ou contribution, Satee :-)

  67. The best fast-food in Mauritius is LE CALIFE guys.

  68. Personally, I am a fan of Lotus Snack and Kit Loon Po in Quatre-Bornes. I also like Jango and Robert too. I like the kebabs from Gloria. And, last but not least, I love the fried noodles sold on the streets near Ven Pin in Rose-Hill.

  69. Hi guys, nice to read about all these stuff.
    Recette cari gro pwa: Met gro pwa trempe pendant 10 a 12 hrs, Met bwi dan1 litre dilo pendant 45 a 60 mins.
    Apre fricasé: met inpe deluil dan timpo, met zonion roussi avec inpe ail ginzam, ajout un ti paket masala (avek ou sans pima), toune ziska masala fini ramas tou dehuil. ajoute puree tomate ou 2-3 p damour mette en 2 feille carri poule. ajoute disel selon ou gout . Vide sa melange la dan gros pois qui fini kwi. Les bouilli encore en 15 minutes. Manz avec en diri soso ek en satini p damour grille ek pwasson sale grille lors charbon (lor grille bar b q) – satini coco bien fort oussi pas mal. en ti touffe brede melange (chouchou, malbar, giraumon, mouroum ensam). Apre bizin manz ar la main.

  70. kisanla caapve dire moi commet fair CURRY BARRY PLZ

  71. met dhal tremper le matin pour pouvoir faire une pate.
    craze dhal, met queue d’oignon,piment haché.puis faire des pti boules et faites frire.
    ensuite prepare une sauce …
    saute a l’huile:oignon,ail,pomme d’amour haché.met pti anis en poudre,masala et de l’eau pour la sauce,laissez bien migoter ajoutez le gato piment laissez cuire pour quelque minutes a feu doux.garnish avec cotomili haché.

  72. Pa blié met en de fey cari poulet oussi ladans

  73. natasha says:

    can anyone tel me,coument pou prepare 1 bon allouda

  74. Marylyn says:

    Alooda puts me in mind of drinking tadpoles…tastes nice though…very refreshing.

  75. Marylyn says:

    Does anyone have the recipe for sweet potato cakes, thanks.

  76. brigitte leriche says:

    mo vivre depuis 23 ans en baviere,vraiment nous mangé mauricien est unique,nous farata,ou carri poisson trop bon,arrive moi des fois faire lentille noir avec spätzle et chatini cotomilli trés bon bisin conne mélangé un peu .mo faire aussi achards légumes avec d áutres légumes delicicieux .quand mo retoune de vacances dans nímporte quel pays mo faire un must mangé mauricien ,mo fine faire par exemple mulluktany avec gemüse für suppe essaie.

  77. Moi mo invite zotte mange :1.ene bon farata bien feuilletter avec so la daube gros pois,bien fondant avec ene satini sevrette ou sois ene poisson sale frire avec pima cari ladant.
    2. ene lentille, satini p d terre, bomli frire ek pima confit.

    Lakel zotte choisir ?

  78. (2) definitivement! Faire mari longtemps mo pane manze bomli. Bizin faire ene demars rodé.

  79. hi, i’ve recently started a food blog where I post recipes of mauritian food now and then – http://inspiredtobake.wordpress.com/ nice post btw :)

  80. Hi! Great initiative. Good luck :-)

  81. Having left Mauritius many years ago seeing these foods mentioned takes me back to my childhood. My Mum was a fantastic cook and passed away last year so now we don’t get to eat her lovely cari poulet and dhal puri. I tried to make it and it was a disaster – how do you make it so thin? to add to the discussion the foods I remember from back in the day are napolitaines, dipain frire, vindaille, rasson.
    Anyway – thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  82. Hi Mia! I’ve heard that a lot of people have difficulties making dhal puri. Personally, I buy them ready-made :-)

  83. Hi mo fine vraiement enjoy reading zotte conversation, li remind moi mo lepoque a Maurice Mo alle Maurice mainly to eat dhal puri mo favourite one is Deva A Rose Hill et la rue deforge ti bnhomme lascar.. ….Anyway its nice to talk about Mauritius. I have been here almost 30 years

  84. Mumtaz says:

    Hi Avinash, My family loves Dhal Puri Cone vendre nice Dhal puri in England

  85. Mumtaz says:

    Please faire moi conner cote pou acheter dhal puri in london aussitot possible

  86. Hi every one,
    I have been in Europe for many years , 3 years in Germany ,3 years in France and the rest of my life in England .I like any kind of foods. I like cooking a lot like French ,Indian . Chinese and Italian. My wife is from Ireland ,She will chose the Mauritian food first for her week end meals. And all my Europeans friends love the Mauritian foods.
    The Dhall Pouris ,Halim, Meen frie, Rougaille piosson and the Briany , you can’t bit that.
    Thank you all

  87. Avinash
    You are invited to visit our caripoule mauritian food blog as per above. Congratulations on your very interesting blog.

  88. Hello Mauritius!
    The Official Algoo Snacks Website is now fully operational.
    New features: Algoo & Son’s Snack>About Us>Menu>Locations on map>Contact Us
    Mauritian Recipes and Guest-book and much more shortly.

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    Hello avinash we finally created the Algoo Ltd hehe :P

  89. That’s excellent, Shahen!!!

    Keep on the good work :-)

  90. Thanks man : ) if we have more requests for additional servises and more customers in the snack,we will surely start by upgrading the size first.New menus will be added and much more…but the primary need is more customers for more development :D

    (Dad told me that he haven’t seen you for a long time,let me guess lots of work : )
    Hope to see you soon :D

  91. In fact, I went to your snack somewhat regularly when I was working at the University of Mauritius. Now, I run my own company, Knowledge Seven Ltd, in Quatre-Bornes and I tend to have lunch nearby. But, you’ve managed to tempt me. I’ll do my best to go to your snack during the coming week ;-)

  92. Oh yeah khowledge seven :) i saw it on the newspaper the other day you are doing a great job :D…i really like webdesign or other related fields in design…am starting webmaster course at linkeo ltd on monday. hope everything will be fine…and yeah try to come to the snack :D

  93. Thanks.

    Are you going to follow a course there or are you going to work at Linkeo? I’ll do my best to come to the snack ;-)

  94. hello!
    Am following the course and maybe i will work there or another place :)

  95. Greetings from Australia to all…

    I’ve been here for some 15 years…. i still remember eating the famous dholl puri+fish curry…in MRU where my mum used to make it.

    Ohhhh i missed it …here u got only fast food same as everywhere except our Mauritius.

    First time surfing on this site…cool

  96. Welcome here!

  97. Veedeswaree Goopee says:

    Staying in Delhi 4 d last 25 yrs bt hve nt seen chouchou till nw.No brede cresson,laitue ou bien goyaves de Chine,really miss them all

  98. Just come across this great article: Deux nutritionnistes analysent les plats mauriciens

  99. does anybody know how to cook LITTI

  100. Anyone?

    Sorry for not being more helpful… I don’t even know what Litti is!

  101. I have been in Europe for nearly 33 years , The thing I mist of Mauritius is the Dahl Pouris gougaile pomme d’amour et gateaux piment.
    Most of my English friends goes on holiday to Mauritius and when they come back ,they talk about the food .they say we get all types of food Chinese ,Indian ,Muslim every corners of the streets.
    I cook a lot but when it come to the briany they cann’t wait.

  102. its very cool to find so many types of foods in the same country.we get muslims’ ,chineses’ ,indans’ and creoles’ food on the same land.WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Wmartingal says:

    biensure tu as des boulette de viande que tu prepare avec de la viande hachee et gingembre, neuk-yen c’est des boulette chouchou et bchevrette ou tu peux meme mettre de la viande c’est comme tu veux beh je vais te donner les recette au complet

  104. Zenfantrochebois says:

    Try in tooting market in south london or in the market in wood green north london

  105. Noush says:

    U make a dough just like faratha but cook it (like farata) with more thickness then when half cooke. cut half add butter and cheese (cheddar craft). and cook for some more mins on low heat. and enjoy!!

  106. What amazes me is that most male mauritians i know, think they are great culinary experts and knows a wide pallet of tastes. From what I saw each time I visited them, we ate:
    – “gateux piments” stuffed in “di pain maison” by the road side (i bet the food was covered with road dust and exhaust fumes) or “di pain fooyang” from store fronts
    – “di riz frire” or “mine frire” or “halim” or “bol déviré”
    – at home it was “carri poule” with rice or a “briyani”

    If 90% of your food experience is chinese food and you order the same dish because you don’t realise how unoriginal or unadventurous you are, then please Mauritian guys do some STFU. Try travelling a little bit around the world before going on about how much you know about food. Thanks, bye.

  107. You’re (somewhat) right… We, guys, are not very adventurous in what we cook. Girls try new dishes from time to time :-)


  108. I will add, satini pomme de terre, poisson sale and lentils! a bit of achard mangue. nice local dish.

  109. I’m a law graduate, university of london. I’m building up a company, dealing mainly in vintage stuffs. well talking about food,what do you think about Zub Express? In Flic en Flac. 200 metres past Manisha hotel. Check it out. But talking about local dishes, manze lakaz, nothing beats it. may you in any part of the world, LONG LIVE MAURITIUS,MATE!

  110. Forgot to say hello to Avinash and his wife.well, i’m new here.got this page as pure luck. today, i’ll try salad lalo. i’m searching for a recipe.and thank you, for letting me ,barge in.

  111. Hi Bake.

    Thanks for your comments! You’re right, nothing beats poisson salé: a nice rougaille, bouillon brède chouchou + rice!

    I have been to Zub Express once and I found the food very tasty and not expensive. I went there with some friends and we were all pleased except for the fact that they don’t serve beer there :-)

  112. Allo ,Qui position zot tous ,
    Mo dans Toronto pres pou faire 10 ans ,mo mari manque mo banne plats mauricien tel que dans laveille marriage indiens/malbar, Ti Poori avec rougaille tipois vert,cari pomme de terre latpat/sans la sauce dans masala, daltipois cuit bien epais, carhi barhi,chouchou toufee,cari jack,coutcha mangue et achard gros piment vert,takkar dernier ler.
    Manger ordinaire :bouillon brede chouchou ou lentille et salade saumon avec tipoisvert.
    Dans tantot boire ene bon du the Bois Cherie ou Corson avec dulait la poudre et mange gros biscuit cabine ou macacha .Pena sa banne zafaire la ici , ena juste beton et highrise coumadire dimoune pe reste dans la case pigeon .
    Vive longtemps culture et manger mauricien .

  113. mehnaaz says:

    Hello everyone,
    I am currently in Melbourne.But fortunately I hardly crave for mauritian food now because we have a pure mauritian restaurant here….They sell everything you think you will find in Mauritius.It’s just been opened,almost a year now.Tey sell dholl puri ,roti ,gto piment, riz/mine frite ,bol renverser,du pain frire,gato arouille and lots more….Well anyone in melbourne….the restaurant is in Dandenong in Melbourne.We also get mine Apollo,achard bilimbi,mangue,carambole,frisiter,pima crase,epices pour daube et pulao et briyani.how good is this….and for Algoo Restaurant …is it the restaurant in St pierre opposite to majid hairdresser???

  114. yandy says:

    hi mwa je suis de st pierre mine gros pois very nice et pour le moment g suis au quebec ,mo ti poisson sale frire en carry gros pois avec en satini coco hhh!!!!mari manque moi

  115. Hi there Mauritian is unique with the multi culture , The French ,Protugues Spanish and the Africans ,everyone mix the own ingredient and create a new dish ,. When it come to dhall pouri it was create in Mauritius with the between African and Asian ,The only other country you can find Dhall pouri is Trinidad ,It like gateau piment ,The other country you can find gateau piment is Jamaica . Glacon rape is anther Mauritian invention ,I have been round the world , Now you can get Glacon rape in California and Florida .

  116. Sonia says:

    well i used to enjoy. duriz, bouillon bred, satini coco ek pomme de terre friere. pas chips mais pomme de terre rond.

  117. Zotte connais cotte ti ena ene bon glacon raper??/cotte bagdad la rue remy ollier P.L entre la rue emmanuel anquetil et joseph riviere,bolom la finne deceder et le fils qi prend la barre.et plis bon boulette poisson cotte james coin la rue arsenal et remy ollier p.l.a l’epoque boulette ti pe vanne 10 sous ene,ene di pain maison avec 5 boulettes soit poisson ou boulettes la viande et avec so mazavaroo, mari tamam mo dire zotte et ti faire avec cateaux,astere pena meme cateaux a Mru,boulettes importer depuis Singapour

  118. ici a brossard ,quebec pres cotte Montreal,quand pou casse ene iene alle a Mtl cotte carribean,la maison du cari, la rue Victoria ene gros dhall puri et so curri mari casse ou l’envie.proprietaires la banne 2 ieme ou 3ieme generation banne indian coolies qi banne Anglais finne faire vinne travail en caraibes,same history as in Mru.mo fecque faire ene batch farata hier ,tawa la mo finne ammener depuis Mru. avec so achard legumes et ene rougaille saumon.des fois mo faire ene mari bon BRIANI dans rice cooker avec epices venus de Mru.ene lotte base qi ti pe vendre mari bon dhallpuri a P.L coin desforges et la paix cotte bolom beret avec so chatini cotomili et piments verts ca ti pe vendre 10 cts la paire ,plis qi 40 ans de cela.Ca meme ti dire ene seul pays ene seul nation, nous joli pays.nous tous conne mange manger les autres communautes

  119. Hotel dithe Providence ca ti ene mari base ca,so gateaux piments ,so badia ,catless ,cotelettes du matin jusqua tard dans la nuit avec ene gros verre avion ????cashier le matin BYE Mam et le soir Bye hossen,fini sorti cinema alle cotte providence soit mange ene di pain ou ene pudding avec so gros verre dithe, qi epoque ca mo dire zotte????et meme finne fini souper le soir Dad faire moi marcher 10 pm alle achete di pains la flutes apres cinema des familles ti ena ene boulanger,la flutes chaud chaud mo dire et en chemin retour achete vindaye poisson cotte hotel Providence et puis casse paquet avant alle dormi.Nous ti pe habite la rue la rampe,P.L

  120. Merci polo pou sa mari zoli zistoire la! Maurice ene mari pays pou banne dimoun ki content manzer :-)

  121. Hi guys – I was looking for Mauritian Biryani in Vancouver – Noulakaz came up! I can’t believe it – there’s no one who makes Mauritian Biryani in Vancouver. I read a comment from another Mauritian leaving in Vancouver. I’ve been here for 3 years now and the City is amazing to live. A little expensive but if you have a job, you’ll enjoy the City. I’m coming to Mauritius for a visit in December. What is the best place for a biryani Dek?

  122. This is a comment from Greg:

    “Hi I feel sorry for you , No one can bit that Mauritian Brinay Go on google you shoud find a place ,Some Bagladess restaurant will do the Biryani similar to us.
    If you like cooking do one yourself .
    good luck.Greg”

  123. Jean-Paul Ameur says:

    Hi, I’m in Sydney and I’ve been trying to find someone who makes/sells dholl puri here but I haven’t found anyone. You can find roti (paratha) easy enough, there’s even frozen one. But the light, delicious dholl puri – that’s uniquely Mauritian. Too bad there’s noone making it in Sydney.

    I’d agree with some of the comments, that if you want Mauritian foods you have to make it yourself.

    I’d disagree though about the similarities between Mauritian foods and others found across the world. They may be similar ingredients but there’s a uniquely mauritian flavour that can’t be found anywhere else.

    Indian food in Australia doesn’t taste anything like the indian food in Mauritius. Likewise with Chinese food, snacks etc. But may be I was spoiled in that I grew up with lots of tasty foods.

  124. The food in Mauritius taste better than anywhere else.

  125. Hi There im looking for a Mauritian recipe call pudding saggoo.
    does anybody knows how to make it.

  126. Actually i’ve eaten dholl puris outside of mauritius- its very famous in the Caribbeans and it tastes exactly the same- usually served with goat curry etc

  127. sunman says:

    i live and work in New York city . If you want to taste some really good Pharata and Dholl Puri /chatni, go to QUEENS, on the main street , Ozone Park.. there you’ll find a nice litte shop where you can enjoy .Will try to post some pics next time.

  128. Thanks for the tip :-)

  129. kurt says:

    Hi, can anyone please tell me where can I found Puri and & cari in a restaurant in Mauritius? Thanks :)

  130. Hi Kurtish, there are a number of Indian restaurants which serve puri and curry in Mauritius. There are also smaller places which serve these typical Mauritian food, e.g. Roti Aka on the Flic-en-Flac beach. There are also a number of dholl-puree sellers which serve farata with all kinds of curries. I know a place in Curepipe where I regularly eat farata with “carri saumon” :-)

  131. Hi guys,
    This has to be the one site that makes us all homesick. I appreciate the tenor of the contributions, very friendly and easy-going. Hence my reason for joining your august group.

    Some minor add-ons (I confess not having read all your inputs, so please forgive any repetitions):

    Thekwa does exist in African cultures: the “mandazi” of Kenya is one version. It is triangular in shape and quite plain – but equally tasty.
    Nimki/gato-pima is generically “vada” in India, with Tamil culture calling it Masala-vada. They make it with dal gramme; in Mauritius, it is now made more with dal ti-pois, which is lighter on the stomach.
    Dal-puri does exist in India, but the dal is generally sweetened, sometimes with gur (raw sugar in solid chunks). It is called puran poli. The salty version is very common in the Carribeans, being actually called “roti”. The faratta igoes by a name that sounds like bussup-shut.

  132. Thanks for your contribution, Shiv.

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