The Zune has wired wireless

Sorry. I can’t resist:

Today’s Zunes claim to uniquely provide wireless sync, but they require being plugged in order to do this! That means Microsoft’s wireless sync has as many wires as Apple’s USB sync, it’s just 20 times slower. That’s not an advantage nor a feature. It’s a marketing lie.

According to this informative article, this is one of the reasons why the Microsoft Zune is still failing compared to the Apple iPod.


  1. lol

  2. Another “blogger” who bites the dust by comparing a crappy product with another crappier product!

  3. Highly interesting. What is the purpose of the wireless connection, if you still need to plug it in a very wired electrical connection? No answer, apart the idea “To steal your cash”. Wonder who at M$ gets paid to get these bright ideas!

  4. To Al Fred:

    I own a 2nd generation iPod Nano and it’s perfect :-)

    To Inf:

    That’s what the article says. It’s a marketing lie.

    St Exupery said: “You know you’ve achieved perfection in design, Not when you have nothing more to add, But when you have nothing more to take away.”

    And I guess you know about this.

  5. Ohhh well.. human being are the most qualified to come up with stupid ideas like that, and microsoft is the personification of stupidity, well.. if stupidity brings money, so why not? :p

    They might just build good things, then all of a sudden add a drop of stupidity in it so as it covers all the hard work.

    I wonder if Bill gates just likes to be stupid or enjoys being seen as stupid, because it is difficult to be stupid, so he creates (or his team creates it), then they get ordered to add their dose of stupidity, as if adding a dose of humor to that.

    btw, i was thinking, that usb power cable, it can be used with a wired power supply also, so no need for exactly to conenct that to a computer, so in some cases it might useful, lol but nevertheless this is hilarious.

  6. lol Spl@sh gave me this link this morning and i thk it might of some interest as per the topic enjoy :D

    @Al Fred,at least when saying such things,do add what in your opinion is not a crappy product,that would help to support your opinion at least

  7. Oh good heavens people! Zune’s wireless sync is really wireless. The ‘article’ was wrong. You do NOT have to plug the bloody thing into anything. There are TWO wifi sync modes: automatic, which works when you do have the Zune docked (but NOT necessarily connected to your computer) and manual whereby you tell the Zune to sync. From anywhere in my house or even in my car, I can goto the wireless settings and click ‘Sync Now’ and the damn thing will sync to my computer. No wires, docks or cradles. It works and it works well.
    That article got so many things wrong. It is pathetic.

  8. Hi geogray,

    Thanks for this info. As no one I know owns a Zune, I can’t check.

  9. Understood and apologies for being a bit harsh.

  10. Great :-)

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