Youth decide!

All young people living in towns need to vote for the Municipal elections tomorrow. You live in a town and, as a adult, it is essential for you to have a say in how you want your Municipality to be managed and what kind of services you expect to obtain.

Tomorrow is a unique opportunity for young people to directly influence the future of our towns and, ultimately, of the country at large.

Youth decide now. You decide now.


  1. I don’t agree. What if you do not like the choice you have? What if you don’t find the candidates, which have been proposed to you, honest enough or sufficiently qualified to represent you at the municipalities?
    Blank votes are not counted In Mauritius, so for me, it’s a waste of time to vote!

  2. You’re partly right. Three weeks is very short for a municipal campaign and some of the candidates are unknowns. Nevertheless, I believe that, with some thoughts, it’s possible to choose three who might bring some much needed changes. Good luck :-)

  3. I think it is time for young people to step in. Time for change, time for the old to be replaced by the new. This is the reason we grow old. They need to give a chance to the younger generation.

  4. Young people should take the initiative to do politics. This can start with social activities, helping others, etc.

  5. Yes they should but the problem is that most of the young people don’t want to vote :) . They are fed up with what they see. So we can’t expect them to start doing politics.

  6. I don’t think we necessarily need young people…what we need is young ideas, new and innovative ones.

  7. I agree we need innovative ones but most of the people governing this country are old and don’t have anything new to bring. It is similar to asking my dad to use a smart phone. He grew up using an abacus and a diary. Change is hard and even harder when you are old. This is the reason, we should leave the young ones to take things forward. In America, presidents only have 2 terms. It should be the same here.

  8. You’re right. Terms should be limited. If this was done here, most of the current politicians would have to retire though :-)

  9. Yup which is a good thing :) . Then that would give the chance to other people instead of being stuck with the same politicians.

  10. There is one thing which is also important : it’s not only a question of replacing old with new. Young people doing politics should have very high moral values.

    Up to now, I’ve met a few young politicians and some of them are honest, hard-working people. Some others are potential thieves and capable of abuse of power anytime!

  11. Agreed . Right now we are stuck with old and corrupted haha.

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