Between 1968 and 1992 in Mauritius

Like most of you, I am proud of my country, Mauritius. Sure, I would love to be elsewhere participating in OOPSLA, JavaOne or RailsConf but my heart will always remain here…

… except if politicians make me regret being Mauritian!!!

Here is an extract from a small booklet that was distributed to every Mauritian kid and adult during the Independence Day celebrations in March:

I don’t want to sound condescending but many things happened in my country between 1968 and 1992 and I find it disturbing that some people are manipulating Mauritian history for their own gains. Mauritians should know the history of the country they are living in… It is tough to imagine a young French child not being told of Mitterand or an american child not been told about Clinton… but the equivalent is being done here.

I was born in 1973 and my childhood was during the 70’s and the 80’s. Of course, I was too young to understand everything but I do know that:

  • 1968: On 12 March, Mauritius officially becomes an independent state and Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam becomes its first Prime Minister.
  • 1971: Promulgation of the Public Order Act which bans many forms of political activity (Mauritius was under a state of emergency when I was born and this lasted until 1976 when I was three!)
  • 1976: General elections held which the MMM wins. The Labour Party forms a coalition government with PMSD and remains in power.
  • 1979: Devaluation of the Mauritian Rupee (I distinctly remember the Minister of Finance of that day making his speech on TV. I was six…)
  • 1982: The first ever 60-0 during the General Elections. The MMM-PSM alliance led by Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, Paul Bérenger and Harish Boodhoo wins all the 60 seats of the General Assembly.
  • 1983: Collapse of PSM-MMM alliance. Newly formed alliance between the MSM-Labour Party-PMSD led by Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam and Gaetan Duval wins general elections. This is the start of the economic boom of Mauritius which will last for years…
  • 1985: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam dies at the age of 85. National funeral for the former Prime Minister.
  • 1991: MSM-MMM alliance led by Sir Aneerood Jugnauth and Paul Bérenger wins in General Elections.
  • 1992: Mauritius becomes a Republic but stays member of the Commonwealth.

Of course, many things happened after 1992 but I will leave this part to real historians.

(Thanks to and, of course, Wikipedia)

5 January 2007: an update

Thanks to Baboo, I’ve corrected a slight mistake on the duration of a state of emergency in Mauritius.

Another thing that has been bothering me lately is why don’t Mauritians learn the contemporary history of Mauritius at school? I remember, from my college days, that I learnt a lot about Mohenjodaro and the Indus Valley (etc) but nothing about modern Mauritius… Is this done on purpose?


  1. Hmmm true indeed.

    You are nearly as old as the dodo :p

    I was reading above, i couldn’t help but notice this part:
    1985: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam dies at the age of 85. National funeral for the former Prime Minister.

    Dying at the age of 85 in 1985, didn’t know about that, now the interesting part is that, i was born in 1985, on the 8th of may (5), damned, i could have been the father of the nation born again! (i wonder if i am entitled for some monetary gains coz of that :p)

    another thing i noticed was, :, something on mauritius oculd have been on a dot mu :p but ofcourse, dot mu are a hell lot expensive!


  2. Manipulation de l’histoire, sa banne politicien la!

  3. I was so disgusted by this booklet

    We dont even know our history well.

    So many students dnt knw how we got independenc n in which context..r unaware of the important events after 1968, the racial conflicts, the personalities of our country, their contribution to the island.

    Its only at University that I came to know so many things about the history of Mauritius due to a module on the history of the press in Mtius..

    Sad state of affairs!!!C pas surprenant kon arive pas a creer un sentiment d’unité nationale! On ne sait pas grand chose sur notre pays…

    Nous sommes tous des ignorants!

  4. 2007: Mass Suicide at UoM after System Software exams…


  5. To Desperate One:

    You are THAT desperate???

    Selven & Ishtiba:

    I have to agree that most of us (i.e. those up to 35 years old) don’t really know Mauritian history and this is crap!

  6. Although i do agree that history is important..but I personally dont care about it. Its a shame to ignore bad things that happened in the past,but if it helps the future,…. why not?

  7. What is disturbing is ignoring only part of the past (anything that might be interpreted as positive towards the current opposition political parties)…

  8. vicks says:

    some might call me unpatriot.. But how many Mauritians really don’t care about the history of Mauritius..

    whenever there are programs or books talking about the past.. they mention SSR and his justice league fighting for independence and the famous ClichE scene of lowering the union jack to raise for the first time the Mauritian flag..

    But many things like giving away of diego.. At that time Gaetan Duval and many people was against independence? Y? Was Mauritius really in need of independence or was it just a quest for power by some people?

    Where Mauritius in Bad condition under the british ??
    Its these little things that i would like to know..

  9. reminds me of a book i read.. 1984 earth, by george orwell… maybe they want to turn the country into something they want, by just burning out history… :p C’est bien ki mo papa inn racont mwa l’histoire then :p


  10. Irina says:

    Hi Avinash!

    How much and what kind of history (national/world) one has to study during elementary school, high school and university overthere?

  11. to Desperate one :p

    Hmm.. mo p doutE kisana sa :p
    its just a module, einstein himself failed a lot at school, plus, i realized that its better to have fail than to have a brain which doesn’t work on your command.

    after some few years, you’ll sure see that univ marks meant nothing compared to the fun you had at doing things and learning things.


  12. Irina, you’ll be surprised to know that I was not taught the history of contemporary Mauritius at all during my primary and secondary schooling…

    I don’t know if things have changed since (anyone with a little brother or sister who can just peek inside primary and/or secondary books?)

    It’s a pity in fact. How can a country evolve without its population knowing what happened 20-30 years before in order not to reproduce the same mistakes is beyond my understanding. Here I am referring to the “bagarres raciales” (racial/racist conflicts) that happened during the 60’s. We were close to another one in 1999 (Kaya) et not very far from one two months ago…

    I wonder why it’s tough to get authoritative books (or sources of information) on the history of contemporary Mauritius. Even on Wikipedia, there is not much about the past 30 years…

    Luckily, like Selven said, we all have fathers and mothers who can tell us what happened before (but I suppose that what they tell is not 100% objective…)

    Perhaps the Web will change things. Perhaps it’s high time to have a Mauritian wiki where everyone will be free to write whatever he/she wants. In the medium term, this might become something authoritative on contemporary Mauritius.

    What do you think?

  13. :p indeed

    I have lots of webspace!

  14. Or much much better!

    Why don’t we encourage people we know are objective and are aware of the history of contemporary Mauritius to contribute to Wikipedia directly?

  15. Irina says:

    Yes, Avinash, I am really, really surprised to hear all these. I totally agree with your point of view. It is extremly important to understand the past, and this is generally valid. Things are so connected in this life, more than one can imagine.

    I think your suggestions regarding doing something to change the situation are very good because something must be done, there must be a start point.

    The simple fact that you post about this situation is a great step in my opinion.

    Avinash, just to satisfy my curiosity: how much anatomy and physiology were you taught in school and at what level?

  16. Hi Irina,

    I studied Biology up to SC level here (16 years old) and I learnt a little bit about the human body (respiration, digestion, reproduction, etc) and fundamentals like genetics but I seem to remember that things were somewhat superficial…

  17. I created a blog sme time back to write about the history of Mauritius and to have some “témoignages de nos ainés”…to make us understand Maurice d’Antan.

    Unfortunately,I didnt have time to post new things.I If ever some1 wants to contribute just check this blog:

  18. in response to Irinia, during my time in college, i think form one or two..cant remember well.. i did a subject called sex education… although it was a mixed college and class, they did teach us basic things like reproduction,protection,aids etc, which i think was enough to know at that age …

  19. Irina says:

    Thank you Avinash and Rafa for satisfying my curiosity.

    Things will start to change when changes will appear first of all at family level, because if ignorance (and Ishtiba is perfectly right in her affirmations regarding ignorance) continues to be propagated further and there is nothing done against it, then will be no good results and evolution. It is not at all an easy thing to do, but not impossible.

    Avinash, I really appreciate your opening towards posting about subjects related not only to computers (which it happens to be of interest for me too) but also related to raising awareness regarding very important matters.

  20. I happened to be invigilating for a F3 Social Studies class today…ha a look at the book et effectivement notre histoire s’arrete a la colonisation anglaise..enfin jusqu’a kon a obtenu l’independance!!!

  21. doesn’t quite remind me of a book I read because I don’t remember the title or author… was it Marcel Cabon or Gabon or something..?

    anyways it’s about this guy called Ram in a valley a valley with lots of unhappy people a long time ago somewhere in Mauritius. Now don’t focus on Ram, focus on the people.

    They were unhappy. Very Unhappy. Granted this is fiction but there is a dose of truth to it. People were unhappy in Mauritius for a very long time. Generations of unhappy people don’t generally want to celebrate it or remember it.

    The way I see it, before independance there was the security of being a british colony. (oddly my mind drifts to a documentary about Afghanistan in the 70’s)then after independance (visions of footage of the first flag raising ceremony. rows and rows of hapless teenagers energetically flapping their tiny flags… what is wrong with you people!!?) there were other more important thing to think about than keeping track of events in passing.

    and i believe that all the events you listed are just political events. and the events listed before 1968 by the brits are mostly politics too.
    So we discontinued the political periodical after 1968. No big deal.

    think about it, is there anything particularly worthwhile to remember about the mauritian history?

    I’m not proud of this country or ashamed of it. Or any variation in between. Never cared much for it. It’s just earth under my feet.

    meh, a one last things otherwise i’ll exceed the character limit.

    @avinash(can I call you avinash?). I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while now…. you’re about 35-38 yrs old right? so… where did all your hair go?

  22. (1) The book is called Namasté by Marcel Cabon. It has been described here as “S’inscrivant dans la lignée des grands romans paysans tiermondistes”

    (2) I can understand that some people don’t like politics. But it’s dishonest to “forget” about some important political events because they have been conducted by (now) opposition members.

    (3) I am 33 right now and I started losing my hairs when I was 17-18. Must be the amount of testosterone I have in my blood :-)

  23. @Ketwaroo D. Yaasir

    Its not only about keeping track of EVENTS Mr Yaasir..its some part our heritage that we r losing. its not only about politics. U say this coz thats wat u have been taught at school u have been shown only the political side of our history! which is of course boring to a student!!

    But our history is far from that… Just go in a history class 1 day n u will be amazed how rich our history is, how the lives of the people were on the island..etc etc

    Also dnt forget that even when driving your aim is to go forward but to move on we should also use the rear-view mirror…try to reflect on this !!

  24. little lady, you confuse History and culture.

    History is just a series of events. Culture is just a collection of habits(yeah, habits) and ways of doing things.

    Now, India has culture, China has culture, the Internets have more cultures that you want to know of or ever heard of in you short lifetime, anywhere with people living (merely hanging out is enough) in groups has culture,
    Mauritius has culture too.

    culture is nice to look at and all but it has tradition. Some traditions are useful but others I prefer to make my own way.

    I prefer stories over history. History has dates attached. stories just need “a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away” in front.

    Like Namasté. I didn’t remember the title or the author but i still like the story. Okay it’s not in a galaxy far far away but still a nice story.

    History requires a much longer time period than just 1968 to today for really worthwhile events that will be remembered. Overall the modern history of mauritius doesn’t have that many highlights.
    although we do have the occasional really big cyclones(not since independance though) and some riots and public upheavals, riots and stuff.

    there are already historians in mauritius studying our past. It’s their passion and maybe yours but not mine. And also archives of most of our newspapers, of which none have been lost in great fires or anything … i think.

    One doesn’t have to really care about contemporary event as much since they are living through it already.

    you can put things in this perspective.
    assume yesterday, you ate an egg.

    in 2 days, you won’t even remember it.

    in 20 years nothing much. the egg has been recycled in all sort of things.

    in 200 years chicken have been extinct for a while and historians write lengthy essay on the facts of life when there was still eggs. Suddenly an egg you didn’t give a damn about becomes much more important.

    in 2000 years. a neo homo sapiens sapiens sapiens makes a holo-reality-documentary(the type where you can interface your brain with and live the events as if you were there) on the eating habits of their ancient ancestors and distributes it on the pan-galactic neural net(the uber future version of the internet where all the minds in the galaxy are connected). It show ancient humans actually ingesting unfecunded fetuses of sentient beings!!. The documentary causes an upheaval unhead of. The galaxy is in outrage. a 10000 year war ensues and all of the universe is destroyed.

    see, your egg destroys the universe. you happy now?

    things happened, happen and will happen.

    also before you get all high at me again, you shouldn’t try to compare what you want to what I do. your aim may be to go forward but mine may not be comparable to going in any particular direction.

    …. and if you should look at the road while going forward, not in the rear view mirror…


    more generally:

    I agree with avinash(can I really call you that?) about some political events being dubbed out because they occur for the opposition. But hey, history is written by the victors right? you are seeing in action. But inevitably one day, all those events will end up written down as mere facts in an almanac somewhere…

    who knows, some kid with a passion for history will someday read your blog and be inspired to make writing the history of Mauritius his life mission.

  25. adisha says:

    To yaasir

    “People were unhappy in Mauritius for a very long time. Generations of unhappy people don’t generally want to celebrate it or remember it.”

    there is some truth in that.. but people practically are never happy.. they always tend to complain!! lol

    To Ishtiba

    Many people acknowledge that the history taught in school are boring, yet it stays the same.. not much progress in the syllabus i see.. don’t know if students are meant to remember the name of the number of sugart factories or the longest river etc

    Also the thing is if you keep looking in the rear mirror you might just as well make and accident..

    There is a need to fall for a balance..

    To vicks

    i can’t really say whether Mauritius was in bad shape before independence but my father says that life under british occupation quite nice indeed..

    there was something known as “4 jour a pari” or something like that where unemployed people was given some sort of task to perform and were paid for that..
    Education wasn’t free but do we really need free education?? should every1 have a university degree?? y? have a Master to do what?? work as a clerk??

    I also think that people looking for independence at that time was not doing it for the greater good.. there was some hidden intent in that..

    The thing that stinks the most is the when our dear prime minister build his own political campagne base on what his dad has done..

    “Mo papa ti fer education gratis..
    Moi mo pe donne zotte transport gratis..”

  26. Creepy. At least you pointed it out.

    Who knows what else is manipulated behind the scenes?

  27. Yaasir, I am hereby awarding you a special prize for one of the best ever comments on this blog!

    The “unfecunded fetuses of sentient beings” part is magnificent :-)

  28. Nice comment :-)

    If u want to play on words ok.. Looking in the “rear-view mirror” gives us a clue about our culture and traditions. Done in an informal way but still part of our history!

    Culture as you say is a “collection of habits” but a collection itself entails a process,an accumulation. These very words finally mean the combination of past and present events. So British /Chinese culture are framed by past events also and they determine present cultures.

    How do I go about “knowing other cultures that according to you I dnt ever heard of”? One way would be to go back to history..Maybe you could also tell me but again it would be a “Once upon a time story” that you will tell me..which is ultimately an account of past events, past habits!etc Still we go back to history

    Concerning your story about that chicken and egg thing..though very funny it could also be seen from another perspective. Your story is all about how the search for a historical event could jeorpardize the whole EVOLUTION of “your neo homo sapiens” :-)and by the way how did we find the term homo sapiens? Well obviously thru history once again..

    And history is so part of our evryday life..Unconciously we use it to reflect on ourselves, in our studies..watever is learned in science classes for e.g. can be traced back to one important event in time.

    Remember this?..A long time ago an apple fell from a tree and gave that fellow scientist a great insignt into how smg works…..u must have all completed the sentence by now..Thats how we learn lessons of history in evryday life and still use these lessons of people we have never known in present day..they have become universal laws that scientists all use..but it all happened at one point in time but still so relevant today!

    So my point here, is that history is as important as anything..U may not like it, but still it is very part of yourself, of wat you are, and what you will be..In fact evolution ceases to exist without a reference to the past.

    And my initial comments were about the kids..that they should be taught our concerns their identity and their citizenship also. U may say they can grasp it thru informal ways but we ourselves dnt knw much about it..wat do we share then?..Its in this way, if we dont change mindsets that the “I think Mtius was like that” discourse will continue.

    Its not the dates that r important ..but the significance of the to build a better future out of our past…But not the kind of future that u r seeing though, with that catastrophic egg story :-)

    Eventually its how history is told/taught that makes it interesting.

  29. BlueBerry says:

    Anyone thinking of a hidden agenda behind our independence is really insane! It was a time when bold decisions were to be made.

    Who would not want to be independent? The British colonized large parts of Africa and Asia, not to mention tiny and the most remote islands of the Pacific, robbing them of their culture, creating imaginary borders in Africa (they are responsible for that mess!), etc.

    To vicks,
    I’m really appalled by the fact that Diego matters a lot to you for reasons you have not revealed to us! In fact, Diego guys are more fortunate than you are in some sense(Go check the news for the past decade and you will understand). You should be reminded that the Diego issue has been paraded for years and years, played with and soiled by various political parties, resulting in so many fellow Mauritians not even getting the slightest glimpse of what really happened at that time.

    Don’t get easily fooled by partisan newspapers who have lauded every single step towards denigrating SSR.

    Was life better during the British period?
    I agree that differences in opinion rationalise the complexity of this world we’re living in today. I do not know from where your ancestors hail from but all i can thank the British for is for getting many Indians out of their misery in NorthEast India and gifting to us the English language.

    On the downside, they left Mauritius’s economy in tatters. During the 1970s when a new political party still claiming for a better and brighter country wrecked havoc with massive strikes. Our island survived with barely a reserve of 2-3 weeks of foreign currency. Yet, Mauritius surmounted those dire difficulties and consider us fortunate…

    unless we have that inferiority complex towards white British people(that’s not a racist overtone) who we should all emulate.

    It’s been said for so many centuries: ‘The sun never sets on the British empire’.

    2007: Where are they now? Locked up somewhere and muted in Europe and now starting to get colonized by the very same nations they gave birth to!

  30. You speak as if Britain invented colonisation and that it’s payback time for them now that immigration is taking its toll on the country. Don’t forget that the Romans colonised the the island a very very long time ago, and that throughout history, Britain has been colonised on and off by foreigners.

    As for the situation in Africa, it’s not Britain’s fault alone. In fact, had Britain been the only nation to colonise the continent, perhaps there would be no “artificial” barriers! It’s only when the other European countries started picking their share of Africa that these divisions were made. (Well, it’s not as if everything was rosy in Africa with tribes warring amongst themselves and the Arabs colonising them.)

    Anyway, my point is, had Mauritius not been colonised, the nation would not exist, right? Colonisation is inherently bad, but how can we be sure that our history would not have been worse under different rulers? The exploitation of the people of Congo under the Belgians come to mind.

  31. First of all the “ilois” are our freedom fighters if Sir S Ramgoolam did not gave Diego garcia to Harold Wilson ( british prime minister) he would have returned home without independance nothing else,Britain was eager to quit Mauritius as it was an hopeless case..But there was nothing after independance the government was hiring part timers to do unproductive jobs (4 jours a pari)there was no hope be honest let’s talk about it.It’s only when they started the Free zone industries and the French opened the Club Med ..
    Most of our young peoples think that as if Ramgoolam and the labour party were magicians they turned Mauritius to what it is today…..give me a break

    By the way Avinash I don’t think Mauritius was under state of emergency from 1973 to 1978 as there was elction in 1976 so it’s impossible

  32. Hi Baboo,

    I’ve checked some websites. At least one says 1978 but most say 1976. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve amended the main text.


  33. Hi Avinash,

    I think Sir Satcan Boolell was the leader of the labour party in 1983 but of course SSR was the maestro of the alliance MSM,labour,PMSD..Avinash I am only sharing what I remember and I am not a pro like your dad LOL

  34. I am not 100% sure. I’ll check.

    As I wrote in the main text, another thing that has been bothering me lately is why don’t Mauritians learn the contemporary history of Mauritius at school? I remember, from my college days, that I learnt a lot about Mohenjodaro and the Indus Valley (etc) but nothing about modern Mauritius… Is this done on purpose?

  35. Hye
    Hey i think that you are the one who can hlp doing a project @ school on the 40 yrs of Mtius independency.Could you help me PLEASE.
    You can send me feedback on my E-ad

  36. Hi Yaad,

    What do you mean? What exactly is the project you are doing and how can I possibly help???

  37. re. Vicks
    Mauritius needed independence like a hole in the head ! I was there then , and thought that it was a mere quest for power. Sad it was , to see people not voting with with reason. Mauritius was doing quite fine as a colony of Britain , and as owner of Diego Garcia and Rodrigues. Mauritius controlled the Indian ocean then , and had to be consulted. But wasn’t Diego Garcia virtually given away for a few bucks , in that quest for power ? Diego Garcia should have been leased for millions every year , but sadly enough Mauritius sure stopped being the Star & the Key of the Indian Ocean in
    March of 1968.

  38. I am not sure I agree with your analysis, Richard.

    Most countries in the world are now independent, even the USA, because, well, it’s normal for people to want to control their own destiny. Look at what is happening in Rodrigues for instance… It is frankly impossible to demonstrate whether we would have been in better shape were we still a British colony. Personally, I believe that what happened in 1968 was right. Now, our future lies in our own hands.

  39. considering all the discussions above
    here is a wonderful overview:

    L’evolution nationale mauricienne / J.A. Duclos

    peace and success to you Avinash

    take care


  40. Hi Vince. I understand this book is from 1924 and is practically impossible to obtain now. Why do you say it’s worth reading? Do you have a copy?

  41. Mauritius is an island where EVERYONE’s interests lie elsewhere (read between the lines!). There was an attempt to ‘drown the baby in the bath’ in 1968 when the PMSD, led by Gaetan Duval (an ethnic-cleanser, if ever one existed!) attempted to turn Mauritius into a slaughterhouse in his (and the other vested interests) ‘zeal’ to sabotage independence. This same person is disgustingly lauded as one of the ‘fathers of the nation’! A large proportion of a ‘certain’ community, who at that time held most of the civil service positions, deserted Mauritius in the run up to independence, as well as thereafter, in an atttempt to fulfil Duval’s scheming.
    The sacrifices made by ordinary Mauritians in working hard, taking to the entrepreneurial spirit, as well as sending their children for higher education abroad, has made the island what it is and not a basket-case of endless conflict, which plagues our fellow Africans. I wonder! Had Britain not started the process of indentured labouring of Indians, which would have resulting in Mauritius being peopled predominately by ‘General Population’ residence, would Mauritius resemble just another failed African state today?
    The premise of of Avinash’s blog is correct; there is a concerted attempt at the re-writing of Mauritian history. A current waste of time, money and effort is the ridiculous attempt at the emulation of the ‘Truth and Reconciliation Committee’ of South Africa. Just a slight problem! The people who came here as slaves and indentured labourers are, erm….well……dead! A real TRC should look into the current (unequal) distribution of wealth, corruption, nepotism and last but not least the state-sanctioned COMMUNALISM which is rampant. The attempt to rid the election process of the Best Loser System, ironically, by stating that its existence is in contradiction to UN Human rights resolutions, is nothing but an attempt to monopolise political power by a ‘certain’ community. The BLS with all its flaws, is the only solution to a political system where ethinicity and religion are the fundamental criterion of selection within the political process. Firstly, can any one come up with a viable soulution to the BLS? Secondly, it is obvious that the existence of such an apparatus proves the naievity, political immaturity and latent prejudices which dwell within all Mauritians.

  42. Hi Aziz,

    I don’t agree with some of the things you say but some of your points are very interesting.

  43. Good observer!
    You are right Aziz but unfortunately not everyone of us are at it and almost no citizen are after and neither seeking to know at least part of our history!, To know the main role of SSR, GD, AbRaMu, Sookdeo B, J Koe. To know why the citizen is in such critical situation today. Neither you!!! As you are completely wrong too in part of what you say!!! Better not get in such discussion as much of said text up there are of what people hear here and there, not knowing the truth, me too dont know, i was born in 1980! We will end up in lot of clash! Ive been through quite some books, better not incriminate dead people, they are responsible for how we are, and the starter of all this still got a son governing the island.

    I just wish the children of our children who will decide to stay here : a better future, a beter living, mix among the communities and lot of love.

    We are not a little india, not a little pakistan and neither a mini africa!
    Still hear this when im on the streets: pa to kalité sa, napa frekente li; rode to kalité pou to marié; ki mank nation pou to frekenté pena deja assez brede dan sa pays la, plante zariko inpé; napa asté lakaz laba, zis las 2 pik ki laba!! Bizin debarass sa bann kréol ki ress dan bor larivierr la, bizin aste zot terrain!! Li siperstitié sa bred la, zett enn ti coson devan so laporte ek ene lalang bef!!!!

    Ask yourself: What has been done and what is being done to stop this! What to be done is the responsibility of whom!

    [PS to Vince: I have deleted one sentence from your comment because it is a bit too strong… Hope that’s ok with you.]

  44. two easily accessible text:

    histoire des indiens a l’ile maurice – hazareesing – 1973
    this one is very good as you can feel the feel of the writer!

    l’histoire de maurice – selvon – 2003

  45. Following on from my previous post, I’m old enough to KNOW what hapenned in ’68! People were MURDERED and mutilated for being in the wrong place and at the wrong time! Why? Because gaetan duval had a tantrum (as well as his sugar-baron sponsors). I’ll say openly; there was a concernted effort to sabotage Mauritius by predominately the Creole community. I live in Beau Bassin, many of whose (previous) inhabitants were the ‘gens de coleur’ /Millats (essentially people who had mixed African and European blood, but had a ‘lighter’ complexion!) during the 60′ and 70′ THOUSANDS of these people abandoned Mauritius because either they didn’t want to live under an ‘Indian’ government or because of scaremongering by the PMSD. To this day, former residents of BB (now predominately in Australia) on visits to their remaining relatives, voice regret at leaving Mauritius. One of my neighbours (His 3 brothers, sister and parents ALL left for ‘Oz, he was effectively left to look after the house!) often discusses the ‘pros and cons’ of it all, alas, after hearing how his relatives were treated by the ‘welcoming Ozzies’ , he acknowledges that he got a good deal after all!
    Without doubt the real losers were and are the Muslim community, without whose support SSR would never have achieved independence. Prior to independence we were all Indians, when the vested interests got what they wanted, they reverted to being Hindus!

  46. ……@ Avinash – February 5th, 2010 at 16:37,

    …what is exactly that you disagree with?

  47. I find it bizarre that we, Mauritians, tend to know more about things that have happened in other countries instead of knowing contemporary Mauritius…

    As for your comment, Aziz, I’m not sure you’re entirely fair. It’s true that a lot of Mauritians left Mauritius before the independence but, as far as I know, there were people of all origins among them… And, yes, a lot of them regret doing so: “L’herbe est toujours plus verte ailleurs.”

  48. A.R.M. gave order to start the trouble, both creole and muslim community regrets their dead. The real losers is the whole country how could you say only muslim! Count the number of inahabitant, muslims, indian, and general population, and compare statistically inhabitant in each community who stays and who left for abroad! you will realize that you are wrong in your saying!! Document are available at Archives, Immigration etc. The whole island was insecure. Check the lexpress and mauritian of these dates, even though the issue were only in PL, the whole island were aware of what happening also if you search well you will see that SR try to convince the news not to talk about all this in the papers. Take time and do a research please. BB does not make up the country, its only a little place. Be sure that both the christian community and the muslim community regrets the death of A.S. What happen then will never happen again, the regrets is still here in the mind of all those who lived around PL at that time! May be you’ll surely ask yourself who profit of all this. Its neither Muslims, neither the General Population and neither the Hindu polulation!!! Fortunately in our country there are not only leaders and followers, there are also independent thinkers and the number of the latter do a very good balance to the former. As long as this balance is maintained, those who profit of all what happened will never achieve their goal.

    Please, here i dont really understand what you mean, “Without doubt the real losers were and are the Muslim community, without whose support SSR would never have achieved independence. Prior to independence we were all Indians, when the vested interests got what they wanted, they reverted to being Hindus!”.

    Clarify for me please.

  49. Before this discussion escalates into a war, let me just point out that all of us are entitled to their own opinion… and that the real world is just shades of gray :-)

  50. Avinash I do believe that the bloggers/blaggers (take your pick!) on this post are mature enough to draw the line between being forceful and passionate in their opinions and being inflammatory! Either out of ignorance or for the sake of burying the past I find it astonishing that a well informed man such yourself Avinash, should attempt to water down clearly documented episodes in our islands history. There WAS a campaign to sabotage Mauritius, through a ‘brain drain’ (who predominated in the civil service and police force prior and just after independence?) by a certain community in the 1960’s as well as post independence. I would like to state that Mauritians of other faiths did emmigrate also but this was not done in a concerted manner.

    Try being mature and responsible in your response! You start off your diatribe by stating that A.R.M started the rioting, wheres your evidence? A basic course in literacy as well as political analysis would have aided you in understanding that gaetan duval wanted to sabotage independence as well as ‘punish’ the Muslim community, represented overwhelmingly by CAM; who switched to the Independence party comprised of: Labour and IFB. This in effect tipped the balance in favour of independence, look up the results of the August 1967 elections which were effectively a referendum on independence. accusing me of a lack of research; if ever there was a case of the pot calling the kettle black, just won’t wash!

    “I live in Beau Bassin, many of whose (previous) inhabitants were the ‘gens de coleur’ /Millats (essentially people who had mixed African and European blood, but had a ‘lighter’ complexion!) during the 60′ and 70′ THOUSANDS of these people abandoned Mauritius because either they didn’t want to live under an ‘Indian’ government and/or because of scaremongering by the PMSD (formerly the anti-independence Parti Mauricien.”)

    I re-pasted the part from my previous post regarding Beau Bassin (by the way, I grew up in PL!) make yourself a nice cup of tea and re-read what I wrote, I’m very precise in my my statements! For your information I had relatives in the Venus cinema on that dark day, they describe how Creole thugs attacked anyone they perceived to be Muslims, all this was done in an organised manner. Furthermore, criminal elements form BOTH communities i.e the Texas (Creole) and Istanbul (Muslim) gangs used the mayhem to fight for territory, as well as the lucrative drugs, prostitution and smuggling rackets operating out of PL, thus dragging Muslims and Creoles as whole further into the maelstrom. Putting everything into the context of that era, a combustable mix was concocted whose fuse was lit by gaetan duval, thus creating the ensuing nightmare. Duval’s reasoning was simple; any protracted conflict would delay and hopefully postpone independence indefinately.
    My comment regarding the Muslim community being the overall losers post-independence is backed up by the fact that Muslim political representation has been below that of its (Muslim) representation of the populace.The Creoles have the PMSD, the Hindus have the MSM; as pseudo (and sometimes as outright communal parties!) by far and large it does seem that only the Muslim community have matured politically in not voting communally. In the 1976 elections A.R.M was voted OUT in his Muslim constituency in favour of the MMM!
    To conclude, I will be the first to state that once in power, politicians as a whole are only in it for the money! The ordinary man/woman on the street are the real losers. I live in a mixed area and the cliche of everyone being like family to one another is one that I proudly hold. I am a firm believer in debating and discussing issues (however uncomfortable to some!).
    The disturbing events in Triolet yesterday, where a Christian event was attacked by a small group of Hindus should serve as a reminder as to how delicate our island really is. Having the freedom of religion and propagation comes with responsibilities. Regarding the incident I have some questions: How stupid are the police? Why in the hell did they give the go ahead for a Christian religious (proselytizing) event in a largely Hindu area? Why did the Christian organisers decide to hold the event in Triolet of all places? With the run up to elections the demons of communalism are being released! WE SHOULD ALL BE ON OUR GUARD!

  51. Personally, I do not know a lot from this era because, well, I was a kid. What I know though is that I want to know more :-)

    So, Aziz, feel free to give your point of view. And others too.

  52. Avinash are you a politician? Your last comment (51) sure sounds like a cop-out! I know that being the owner and admin. of this blog you’ve got to keep a balance, though it wouldn’t hurt if once in while you gave an opinion! Sitting on the fence must be giving you a sore arse by now!

    It is utterly disgraceful that such important events such as the 1968 riots (btw, no one was ever ever brought to trial for the murders, rapes and general mayhem; people literally got away with murder!) have been airbrushed out of our history. I have spoken with many people; both Muslim and Creoles about the events of 1968 both in Mauritius and abroad, there seems to be a collective amnesia in some quarters! Giving the benefit of the doubt, perhaps the memories were too terrible to recount, with the added fear that talking about the events may somehow re-ignite the mayhem. We need to exorcise the ghosts of 1965, 1968 and 1999! We cannot continue to live in denial, open and honest discussion must be the order of the day what ever the costs. Underneath the nice UN reports and and middle-income status, Mauritius seems to be perenially on the brink. All it seems to take is a little bit of prodding. Just a few months ago Valayden made an idiotic statement (amongst many!) accussing the police (who I’m no great fan of!) of disproportionately targetting Creole youths. That sent the temperature soaring! As mentioned in my previous post, over the weekend there was the potential of a major disturbance in Triolet (I would appreciate some comments, views etc. regarding this incident). I am pretty certain ‘state’ figures were behind the scenes in an attempt at cheap (but dangerous) ‘electioneering’. An acquaintence of mine who attended Sundays event with his family eye-witnessed the whole incident. The few police on duty quickly disappered (another fine retreating manoeuvre from our brave boys!) once the trouble had started. Police einforcements were leisurely in their attendence. Supposing next time there isn’t any restraint from the ‘agrieved’ party, what then? Mauritius is like a ship (ok, ok rowing boat!) if there’s a hole in it, we all go down.

  53. Thanks for your good note. Its not because im young that im imature. My response are from research, one to one questionning in both muslim and xtian community, documentation, relatives living at that time, GD himself and lots of facts backing up. Me too have relatives in the cinema on the date everyone says this start up. You surely know which film was playing when this start up in venus right? I have lots of notes from lots of people in the area of st françois, cassis and cité martial on all this for one of my past research about mauritius, society n politics. Films in venus cinema always end with baggare at that period of time.

    Also please note that all the time im taking to type all this is not for accusing someone or deffending someone, just sharing facts ive gathered through lot of time and research!.

    Yes you are fully right saying PMSD being formerly the anti-independence Parti Mauricien, Yes they did not wanted independance.

    But you are also completely wrong saying GD reasoning was simple; any protracted conflict would delay and hopefully postpone independence indefinately!!!
    This was only in PL not the whole island! You surely remember the baggare of goodlands.

    Aug 67, you know what votes are for!! and you know who vote!!! CITIZEN!
    If some fully share the idea of PMSD of that time, its their choice and some fully for independence its also their choice.

    Here, what you said that partly backed up my facts: “My comment regarding the Muslim community being the overall losers post-independence is backed up by the fact that Muslim political representation has been below that of its (Muslim) representation of the populace.”

    (Some other books too talked about this, dont remember which ones but remember part of the text, in the book of hazareesing too they talked abt it, his books are easily available – here what is said by Noel D’Unienville – “Principalement adonné au commerce le Musulman de Maurice a fondé une communauté aussi immuable dans ses moeurs et ses tradition que la communauté hindou et, en général, hostile à cette dernière. Pour la conservation de sa croyance, le groupe musulman reste fermé aux autres éléments de la population. Il a de bonnes heure installé ses propres écoles, fondé des oeuvre de secours pour ses menbres malheureux. La pratique de l’entraide est beaucoup plus fréquente chez les Musulmans que chez les Hindous. Mais on ne peut prétendre que l’entente règne constamment parmi les premiers. Les rivalités de personnes sont fréquentes chez eux et souvent irréductibles. Ils ont été jusqu’à présent incapables, pour cette raison, d’organiser une action politique efficace.” the text continues. Page 31, L’ILE MENACÉE – Noël d’Unienville)

    If you go through all the books on the history of mauritius and other facts at the national library, l’enregistrement etc. you will realize that unfortunately the muslim community are in fact victims of themselves!! …

    … And the country victim of SR!

    Think above! See above the walls please!! And please leaders dont build up higher walls darkening the everyday life of the followers. And please followers STOP following! START listening, observing and considering.

    As you said the ones lor coltar are the real losers!

    You also say: “Putting everything into the context of that era, a combustable mix was concocted whose fuse was lit by gaetan duval”

    This was not lit by GD but does fuel part of it well before.

    “Without doubt the real losers were and are the Muslim community, without whose support SSR would never have achieved independence.”

    You surely know that PMSD too lead by GD had a big majority of the muslim community supporting him!!! See the votes and see the ethnic statistics!!

    – Eyes in the sky sees the tsunamis coming but not the people on the beach! Also the tsunamis could have been intentional and mother nature endorsed it! –

    Leave drugs, drugs dealers, prostitution, film influenced people, leader followers out. Do some more research, question people around you, you will get a more precise view of what happend, people are dying, so be quick.

    What i say previously “A.R.M. gave order to start the trouble” its with lots of research, work and facts that i say that and i maintain my saying.

    This discussion will never escalate to a war, its a very “+” for me this blog avinash, me too not from this era but do often inquire about the stupidity of this country.

    And aziz all your comment make me go back in lots of notes, i really very appreciate all this sharing.

    Better stop it here, if you think you are right saying GD lit this, its your opinion, many thx for sharing. And also me saying that GD has little to do in the start of this trouble and ARM start it, let this be my opinion. Also to make sure there is no misunderstaning when ARM is mention, its related to him only NOT his community, same for GD.

    Again many thx to all of you for all the sharing.
    May our everyday life be more enjoyable and without trouble.

  54. @Aziz No, I am not a politician. As I mentioned, I don’t know anything from this period as (i) I was not born at that time and (ii) no one told me anything about the events. And that’s why I don’t give any bloody (unsubstantiated) opinion. I am just happy to have people who know (or think they know) contribute to the post. And my arse is in fine shape.

    A lot of bad things happened in Mauritius in a short span of time. Most were caused by people acting stupidly (thinking that being a racist is normal.) Unfortunately, a lot of Mauritians in 2010 are still racists (and, consequently, clueless as there is only one kind of human being: the Homo Sapiens…) It is ironical that, etymologically, Homo Sapiens mean “wise man”.

    A good friend of mine once said: “Mauritius is not a multi-racial country, it is a multi-racist country.”

    My concern is how to make this affirmation become false. And the best way to do that is to be frank about what happened in the past so as not to repeat the same mistakes. But 1999 and, maybe, the events in Triolet showed us that we’re still far from that ideal…

  55. “Homo Sapiens mean “wise man”.”

    In one of my trip in indonesia a friend there who closely follow mauritian news , happening and history, make a joke and told me this:

    “Dodo are still alive in mauritius they now walk and talk and are now called mauritian!!”

  56. Let’s not generalise.

    Most people living in our country are observant and discerning enough to know, for example, that politicians are actors. They may be yelling at each other all day long but they meet in nice restaurants to have dinner (and a nice Johnny Walker) at night. The “discussions” about political alliances going on right now are proof of that…

    I just hope that people realise that divisions only exist because, well, “divide and rule.” There is absolutely no difference whatsoever between us. We’re all the same.

  57. @ vince,

    …..I could refute you post (53) point by point, but whats the point! Instead I’ll just comment on the following:

    “You surely know that PMSD too lead by GD had a big majority of the muslim community supporting him!!! See the votes and see the ethnic statistics!!”

    When A.R.M, rejected the reactionary policies of Parti Mauricien and re-aligned CAM with the Independence Party, a few individuals under the guise of the UDM aligned themselves with GD (as well as maybe one or two non-entities with the PM itself). It is laughable and dishonest to even give credience to these reactionaries (UDM) and to claim that somehow this was a big majority!

    You reiterate that A.R.M started the 1968 conflict, please provide evidence! PM under GD had evrything to gain, plus a motive for ’68. Why would A.R.M realign himself (along with the overwhelming majority of the Muslim community) to independence, then jepodise this?

    During the 1976 elections, the Muslim community proved it’s salt by voting for the betterment of the nation and national unity, by rejecting CAM in Plaine Verte! Which other community has put the national interest above its own narrow remit?

    I too have enjoyed this discussion, my intention is for the truth to come out, so that the revolving demons are exorcised once and for all! Honesty must form the bedrock of this odessy, or else the admirable objective of clearing the board will be lost! I trully hope that some how we can have a ‘truth and reconciliation commission’ to deal with these issues.

    Avinash, come on man! I hope that your not pissed off!

  58. Where can I find a proper and scholarly History of Mauritius in English or French?




  59. nouche says:

    I just have to say..I was a history student at the University of Mauritius in 2005.In our first year, we had a module called History of Mauritius. Me and my classmates all thought that we would be sitting in a more advanced CPE class of EVS, how wrong we were!!! We mauritian people truly know very little about our country and our past. And I have to say I will NEVER call SSR father of the nation again.. NEVER!! He did nothing but further his own political thought and agenda, and exchanged the civil liberties of people on Diego Garcia for our so called independence. Anyone who studies history will be told that at the time, the British government was starting to feel the financial burden of the british colonies, and that they were more than happy to grant independence to a lot of them so they could stop funding the said colonies.
    Therefore, all SSR had to do was wait a little bit longer, and think more of his own people before selling another country for what he considered to be for the benefit of our country!!!! This is truly wrong, and instead of hailing himas a hero, we should know the whole truth.
    Of course he should be given recognition for everythin that he HAS done, but “delivering” us from the British he certainly did not. I really wish that everyone gets to get knowledge of what is included in the curriculum of that module.. It truly is an eye opener.

  60. Thanks for this insightful comment @nouche

  61. @nouche, i pretty much like to read interesting things, what books or course material did you read in that class and if possible are these available online [just for personal knowledge ] :)


  62. Seven,

    Any book on British history would tell you about the two main drivers of de-colonisation: the debt burden from WW2 and the promise made to America to “free” the colonies in exchange of financial assistance. The Chagos were the cherry on the cake for America.


  63. Ghyslaine ROC says:

    “Independent thinker”, tu parles!

  64. ?

  65. ?

  66. Ghyslaine ROC says:

    (58) March 23rd, 2010 at 15:41
    Where can I find a proper and scholarly History of Mauritius in English or French?

    (62) – I have not been able to find a reply to this request. It could be a simple oversight.

    Or, maybe I should have asked for a book on gossip (potins) instead of a “proper and scholarly History of Mauritius”!

    Nearing my grave, is it not a pity that Mauritius still does not have a proper book on its own HISTORY despite all the big mouths I hear in the media? Anyway, I was just passing by. As I lived through 1968 as an adult, I thought I might have shared some of the facts in my possession (not opinions). But, given the quality of the comments, I think it is useless although I will be more than happy to share some facts with Mr Aziz (if allowed, of course!) who seems to know quite a bit on the period and on the subject.

    Ghyslaine ROC
    Servant of God and of no man or government
    Sunday 13th of June 6010

    Maybe the following article (after so many attempts by the media to suppress and censor the original text for so many years!) may shed some light on the problem!

    Dev Virahsawmy distorts constitutional provision and insults Christianity and Islam

    Dev Virahsawmy distorts constitutional provision and insults Christianity and Islam
    Blog created on June 13, 2010 by Rafic.

    Because I did not see that commentary posted, I wrote the one that I see has been posted now.

    (63) June 18th, 2010 at 18:06 “Independent thinker”, tu parles!

    (66) As a matter of fact, it was just a test to see how independent people could be out there in Mauritius, because out of 1,2 million, I met only one among the educated! How unlucky!

    The “Whites” over there are so “independent” that they do not even talk to the “coloured” and “Blacks” in the media or on any intellectual level as they are the ones who are the real thinkers on the island and still rule supreme in your “nou pays nou fierté”, like they and the Jews still do in South Africa with the help of Black puppets!

    It seems you too, Avinash, are a victim of that cancer called “Creole”! You wrote “pays” and “fierté” correctly, but why did you write “nous” NOU?

    When serious people (here) read about those proud Mauritians, they laugh at them because they know there is nothing to be proud of because they run the show in their client-state that they own, and which still bears the slavers’s name they gave it hundreds of years ago. Yes, Mauritians are very proud keeping all the names of the Dutch, French and British slavers. I always wondered how anybody can feel any pride whatsoever living in a place the slavers called CAMP DIABLE, for example!

    They distract the people with a mythical ideology where THEY SELECT the future rulers that the sheep are manipulated to ELECT, and they call it DEMOCRACY!

    My dog thinks, but I am yet to find one single Mauritian that thinks “independently”. I know I am not smart enough to understand how can one claim to be an “independent thinker” and be a nationalist at the same time, or belong to a religious or political group at the same time? But all brains have their limitations! Every time I tried to speak to Mauritians, they cannot think except as religious or political fanatics!

    Free thinking means you have no agenda and your thoughts are absolutely free although you will adopt different perspectives in your lines of thought. But, all genuine free thinkers have two things in common: provable facts and immaculate truth telling.

    To Christians who say they are proud of anything, I will just have to remind them that pride is a deadly sin according to their own religion. They should understand, but, how to make others understand that “pride” is neither a virtue nor a noble or laudable human quality?

    This is a piece of “free thinking”, my boy! Let us see if you can digest it! Thanks anyway for posting my ironical remark!

    Ghyslaine ROC
    Sunday 20th June 6010

    P.S. Servant of “God” (whether He exists or not!) only means servant of TRUTH, FREEDOM and JUSTICE!

  67. Ghyslaine ROC says:

    Avinash, Love

    Don’t tell me you posted my commentary and you ARE Mauritian, I mean Mauritian-bred! I am not at all used to good guys in that country!

    Don’t tell me, please, that you are also in favour of provable facts and for immaculate Truth, Justice and Freedom for all!

    Well, if that is the case, may God (if there is one of course) bless you and your loved ones.



  68. That thread is longer than a Vuvuzela drone.

    Maybe you should write that book with the help of Ghyslaine and Aziz, Avi.

    Ghyslaine, you come across as bitter or angry and in fact, you couldn’t be more wrong as to independent thinkers in or from Mauritius. One fine example is Avinash here and there are many more that I’ve had the privilege of knowing at the legendary Royal College.

    It would be interesting to know the facts that you claim to have, but your post is otherwise not written in any orderly or logical fashion, nor is it particularly enlightening. So if you do have more light to shed, please do so.

    The “They” you mention will inevitably pass through the state of those former nobles degenerating in Reunion’s cirques. That’s the law brought upon by their own greed.

    If I remember correctly, Bérenger and De l’Estrac both have written about the history of the Island. Any critical thinker would, of course, know that these are but two individuals expounding their own take on the matter. I also know for a fact that some archives are kept secret because some people think they could undermine their positions. A good friend of mine, a historian, has access to them.

    If Avi hadn’t written this, I might not ever have questioned anything although John Pilger’s “Stealing A Nation” was an eye-opener, nor do I think it matters greatly for me being but an observer from afar.

    It does matter though that we are forever searching for the truth and rectifying, making things right.

    Democracy, Government, Government duties, “For the people, by the people”, “for the good of the people” are all words and concepts greatly distorted.

    This lie in unveiled daily throughout the world, Mauritius is just one example among many.

    In other words, nothing new under the sun.

    Except for earth bleeding in the Gulf of Mexico, a man-made wound.

  69. Ghyslaine ROC says:

    “Ghyslaine, you come across as bitter or angry…” (Yash)

    My dear Yash

    Can you prove this?

    People attached to this world are bitter. I have never been attached to any worldly stuffs!

    As for anger, Kids are angry! I am 64 and survived countless Holocausts!

    By the way, did you just know those guys from the “Royal College” or you happen to be one of them? I hope you do not mean the one of Port-Louis facing the Majestic brothel!

    If you wanted to ‘debate’ my points, if you have the skills and knowledge, of course, why did you not quote me? Preaching to me the obvious is useless!

    “…your post is otherwise not written in any orderly or logical fashion, nor is it particularly enlightening…” (Yash)

    This is the kind of nonsense some people write when they have nothing to say or do not know what to say or how to say that they have nothing to say! They try to be smarter but only make fools of themselves. Criticism is an art!



  70. Oh boy.

    I said the “Legendary Royal College”. There’s only one and it’s not in the Capital.

    You’re not quotable, you’re incoherent.

    Bring your facts, try to expound on them intelligently and rationally and then, maybe, we’ll talk.

    Otherwise, you’re not worth my time nor the space provided graciously to you to spew forth such gratuitous venom.

  71. Before this gets out of control, I would like to say that everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

  72. Vince says:

    Bonjour everybody,

    Me again!
    Sorry to disturb.

    Why not set up a meeting with all the participant above, with everyone bringing our facts, printed, copy, records etc. and discuss the subject and clarify all the misunderstanding!!

    It will be much cleaner and precise in our mind.

    If you get back at the “will” of each and every candidate at the time of independance and compared it to the “”modern”” mauritian/mauritius, its kind of out of control now. Lots of surprise, change, …

    Leaders now must adapt/accept or get out!!

    Just a reminder: the title above is – Between 1968 and 1992 in Mauritius

  73. Excellent idea, Vince.

  74. We could start filling a WIkipedia page just for that.

  75. @Yash Excellent idea. We could all enhance For the time being, it’s somewhat stereotypical and incomplete (e.g. dutch sailers, the dodo, naval battle, slavery, indentured labourers, independence, etc.)

    @Ghyslaine I prefer not to publish the last three comments you submitted even though they are very interesting to read. I think that, in the light of what Yash just proposed, that you put the information on Wikipedia. It’s better that the contemporary history of Mauritius be visible to a larger audience than the regular readers of

  76. Dear Avinash

    “I think that, in the light of what Yash just proposed, that you put the information on Wikipedia. It’s better that the contemporary history of Mauritius be visible to a larger audience than the regular readers of”

    I told you, you, Mauritians, cannot digest my stuff!

    Who is Yash after all to propose anything (to me!) when he proved himself an idiot here?

    You mean my stuff is not good enough (or too good!) for your “noulakaz”; so you think you found the right excuse not to publish it here!

    I managed to prove to you one thing here, Avinash, that you are not an “INDEPENNDENT THINKER” at all when you censor people while at the same time yo claim that everyone if free of his opinion!

    By the way, I did not give my opinion, but only related the facts as they are and as I saw them! Facts can be proven right or wrong, but you do not even allow intelligent debate!


    Anyway, I am off, now! I leave you to your dream of “independent thinking”!

    You may not publish this fourth comment, but, I warn you ALL FOUR will be published elsewhere!


    Ghyslaine ROC
    Servant of God and of no man or government
    Wednesday 23rd of June 6010

    P.S. By the way, if you so love to write Mauritian patois or broken French, “OUR HOME/HOUSE should not be written “Noulakaz” but NOUS LA CASE!!!!!!! Anyway, “CASE” is not a very nice name for “HOME”!

  77. …..I think that a campaign should be launched to outlaw communalism, full stop! The area where communalism has caused the the most damge has been in politics, therefore the candidature of anyone inflaming communal sentiments should be cancelled and the perpetrator should be fined/imprisoned as well as being barred for life from standing for public office.

    ……i suppose if the above was implemented retrospectively, we wouldn’t have many politicians left!

  78. @Ghyslaine

    Moi , mo trouve Noulakaz mari korek :-)

    I would be delighted to see your contributions to


    Don’t bother.


    The fundamental idea behind politics is “divide and rule.” So, what can we expect?

  79. Haha, Avi. No prob.

    Let real contributors add to the Wikipedia page. It’s made for that.

    There are already some information around the web on the riots of 1968 and other events that could be used as starting points.

  80. …I just finished reading “Not a paradise: Mauritius I love you” by Dr. A.C Raman. There’s a whole chapter about the authors personal experiences of the riots of 1968.

  81. Navin Ramgoolam’s recent announcement that Mauritius will take the UK to task over the issue of the UK declaring the Chagos region ‘ a Protected Marine Park’, is quite interesting. Won’t Ramgoolam junior’s, father’s role in this whole stinking episode come out into the open?

  82. WikiLeaks is really changing the whole world including, of course, our little country, Mauritius :-)

  83. I am truly shocked if Yousouf Mohamed REALLY made these statements! Last year I made the following statement on this very thread:

    “Aziz says:
    23 Jun 2010 at 15:42

    …..I think that a campaign should be launched to outlaw communalism, full stop! The area where communalism has caused the the most damge has been in politics, therefore the candidature of anyone inflaming communal sentiments should be cancelled and the perpetrator should be fined/imprisoned as well as being barred for life from standing for public office.

    i suppose if the above was implemented retrospectively, we wouldn’t have many (if any!) politicians left!”

    I stand by EVERY word! I for one refuse to be a pawn. Ironically, SARM; Yousouf’s father was swayed in joining the independence struggle by a cartoon; Le bouc et le renard’, where ‘le bouc’ (‘Muslims’) is used (and abused!) by ‘le renard’; personified by Jules Koenig representing the anti-indpendence camp. As a Muslim, I think the cartoon should be updated to: ‘Le gros bouc servi le petit bouc’! After all the BLS has NOT served the Muslim community in any way or fashion. ‘Vested interests’ are fighting tooth and nail to try and preserve their ‘privilages.

    Having officials with ‘Muslim names’ who declare themselves as ‘Muslim’ in order to participate in the electoral process, just doesn’t wash!



  84. …..does one ‘moderate’ now Avinash? …….smells of censorship……..or is that odour something else?

  85. Nah. Didn’t notice your comment you submitted at 21:17. I was watching a movie…

  86. You’re all right. Mauritius needs to be “rebooted”…

  87. Mauritius:~ root$ reboot


  88. Avinash and fellow bloggers,

    Very often when a catastrophe (natural or man-made) happens hand ringing and retrospective analysis occurs. We are now standing on a precipice. Mauritius is overdosed (in every sense of the word!) with it’s own methane of alleged invunerability. Juggernauth Sr. endeavoured, coming periliously close. Meeah gave it a go. Pere Gregoire is trying his damn best.


    My disagreement with some of the blogs and sentiments posted here, does not in any way mean that I am appathetic to this looming crisis! I would like to make an urgent appeal to the ‘great and the good’, this island is being pushed perilously close to the edge. Politicians and vested interests of all shapes and colours are pushing us to the brink! All it will take is a spark , e.g Venus cinema incident in 1968. In 2010 a Christian Evangelical event (allowed to be) held irresponsibly in Triolet, could have (literally!) blown out of control. Lest we forget the 1999 Kaya event!

    Avinash, we have to act now before it too late!

  89. Further to my last blog; 3rd Feb. 2012……………..15 Canton……….need I say ‘I told you so’?

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