Cyclone warning class II in Mauritius

An update: A cyclone warning class III is currently in force in Mauritius. In other words, at this very moment (22:23 MUT), Mauritius is under full cyclonic conditions.

A cyclone warning class II is currently in force in Mauritius as confirmed by the Mauritius Meteorological Services

Gamede is dangerously approaching our island.

Many students have contacted me to know if they should come to the University today but, as confirmed by the Head of Department Dr Oveeyen Moonian by phone, all classes are cancelled because of the cyclone warning class II.

The CSE website has immediately been updated (the website is currently down – this is surely due to a power cut…)

Notice that I had to call the HoD by phone to get this information as I could not (even after 30 minutes of intense search) find anything pertaining to cyclones and the university rules on the UoM website, the Ministry of Education website or the Mauritius Meteorological Services website.

In my opinion, this is not acceptable.


  1. Hehe.. happy holiday to you guys :) (bajja et gato piment chaud)

    i think OS students have been praying for this cyclone to
    to get some more time to revise

    btw lecturers have to pe present??

  2. Lucky you :-)

    Academic and non-academic staff have to work until class III.

  3. yes
    indeed there is a lack of information..
    in my first year we had a similar situation and were all confused..
    had to come to uni to finally find out that was no lectures..
    this time same confusion

    bt as vicks said..
    bajja and gato piment :p

    ene pensee special pou ban lecturer ki pas p kav enjoy sa letan at i suppose they too must b having fun at work..after all there are no lectures

  4. letemps cyclone ine fer pou paC en famille..

    mais special thoughts to those working today
    i just hope that there’s no power cut :(

  5. Hi all,

    It is now 22:12 and it’s only now that electricity has been restored after it was cut around 16:30.

    So the kids, Christina and I spent around 6 hours without lights, the TV, computers and our essential Internet connection… but it was cool. We spoke a lot. Laughed a lot. And now the kids are fast asleep.

    I hope that everyone is going on nicely everywhere else :-)

  6. yeah nice holidays for students, as for us poor working ppl, no holidays till class 3…

    for some obscure reason, i’m feeling kind of nostalgic today… remembering holanda, was quite interesting going through a cyclone at the seaside…

    la par contre a 3.16 du mat… mo p coummence aprehende louvraz ki pou gagner demain pou netoie lacour…

  7. Hi

    Had a great time at home too..Luckily there was no power cut at my place..:-)

    good opportunity to prepare my assignments/presentations coz was late ! really needed a break :)

  8. i take advantage of the coming back of electricity to wish all of u a happy cyclone class III…
    i was without electricity since early this morning, wiz frequent blackouts in the morning :P

    n a chance that nomad is working in a class III!!!

  9. mo extra kontant ki pena l’ecole pena role boire petrol

  10. hi, friends
    have a great time.i hope that 2morrow there is no school.
    enjoy at home

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