EXIF data for the Canon EOS 6D


The Canon 6D, which I acquired in March this year, is a fantastic camera. It is awesome in low light and has myriads and myriads of pro features (such as AF microadjustment which I have just discovered!). Here is a alphabetical list of the 339 EXIF parameters stored by the camera in its RAW files:

Acceleration Tracking
AE Setting
AEB Auto Cancel
AEB Bracket Value
AEB Sequence
AEB Shot Count
AF Area Heights
AF Area Mode
AF Area Widths
AF Area X Positions
AF Area Y Positions
AF Assist Beam
AF Image Height
AF Image Width
AF Micro Adj Mode
AF Micro Adj Value
AF Microadjustment
AF Points In Focus
AF Points Selected
AI Servo First Image Priority
AI Servo Second Image Priority
AI Servo Tracking Sensitivity
Ambience Selection
Aperture Value
Aspect Ratio
Auto Exposure Bracketing
Auto ISO
Auto Lighting Optimizer
Average Black Level
Base ISO
Bits Per Sample
Black Mask Bottom Border
Black Mask Left Border
Black Mask Right Border
Black Mask Top Border
Blue Balance
Bracket Mode
Bracket Shot Number
Bracket Value
Bulb Duration
Camera ISO
Camera Model Name
Camera Orientation
Camera Temperature
Camera Type
Canon Exposure Mode
Canon Firmware Version
Canon Flash Mode
Canon Image Height
Canon Image Size
Canon Image Type
Canon Image Width
Canon Model ID
Chromatic Aberration Corr
Chromatic Aberration Setting
Circle Of Confusion
Color Data Version
Color Space
Color Temp As Shot
Color Temp Auto
Color Temp Cloudy
Color Temp Daylight
Color Temp Flash
Color Temp Fluorescent
Color Temp Kelvin
Color Temp Measured
Color Temp Shade
Color Temp Tungsten
Color Temperature
Color Tone
Color Tone Auto
Color Tone Faithful
Color Tone Landscape
Color Tone Neutral
Color Tone Portrait
Color Tone Standard
Color Tone User Def 1
Color Tone User Def 2
Color Tone User Def 3
Components Configuration
Continuous Drive
Contrast Auto
Contrast Faithful
Contrast Landscape
Contrast Monochrome
Contrast Neutral
Contrast Portrait
Contrast Standard
Contrast User Def 1
Contrast User Def 2
Contrast User Def 3
Control Mode
Create Date
Create Date
Crop Bottom Margin
Crop Left Margin
Crop Right Margin
Crop Top Margin
Cropped Image Height
Cropped Image Left
Cropped Image Top
Cropped Image Width
Custom Controls
Custom Picture Style File Name
Custom Rendered
Date/Time Original
Date/Time Original
Daylight Savings
Depth Of Field
Dial Direction Tv Av
Digital Gain
Digital Zoom
Directory Index
Drive Mode
Dust Removal Data
Easy Mode
Exif Byte Order
Exif Image Height
Exif Image Width
Exif Version
ExifTool Version Number
Exposure Compensation
Exposure Level Increments
Exposure Mode
Exposure Program
Exposure Time
F Number
Field Of View
File Access Date/Time
File Index
File Inode Change Date/Time
File Modification Date/Time
File Name
File Number
File Permissions
File Size
File Type
File Type Extension
Filter Effect Auto
Filter Effect Monochrome
Filter Effect User Def 1
Filter Effect User Def 2
Filter Effect User Def 3
Firmware Version
Flash Activity
Flash Bits
Flash Exposure Compensation
Flash Exposure Lock
Flash Guide Number
Flashpix Version
Focal Length
Focal Length
Focal Plane Resolution Unit
Focal Plane X Resolution
Focal Plane Y Resolution
Focal Units
Focus Distance Lower
Focus Distance Upper
Focus Mode
Focus Range
Focusing Screen
GPS Version ID
HDR Effect
High ISO Noise Reduction
Highlight Tone Priority
Hyperfocal Distance
Image Height
Image Size
Image Width
Internal Serial Number
Interoperability Index
Interoperability Version
ISO Speed Increments
Lens Drive No AF
Lens ID
Lens Info
Lens Model
Lens Serial Number
Lens Type
Light Value
Linearity Upper Margin
Live View Shooting
Long Exposure Noise Reduction
Macro Mode
Manual Flash Output
Max Aperture
Max Focal Length
Measured EV
Measured EV 2
Measured RGGB
Metering Mode
Min Aperture
Min Focal Length
Modify Date
Modify Date
Multi Exposure
Multi Exposure Control
Multi Exposure Shots
Multi Function Lock
ND Filter
Normal White Level
Num AF Points
Optical Zoom Code
Orientation Linked AF Point
Original Image Height
Original Image Width
Owner Name
Per Channel Black Level
Peripheral Illumination Corr
Peripheral Lighting
Peripheral Lighting Setting
Peripheral Lighting Value
Photometric Interpretation
Picture Style
Planar Configuration
Preview Image
Preview Image Length
Preview Image Start
Raw Image Segmentation
Raw Jpg Size
Raw Measured RGGB
Recommended Exposure Index
Record Mode
Red Balance
Resolution Unit
Rows Per Strip
Safety Shift
Samples Per Pixel
Saturation Auto
Saturation Faithful
Saturation Landscape
Saturation Neutral
Saturation Portrait
Saturation Standard
Saturation User Def 1
Saturation User Def 2
Saturation User Def 3
Scale Factor To 35 mm Equivalent
Scene Capture Type
Self Timer
Sensitivity Type
Sensor Blue Level
Sensor Bottom Border
Sensor Height
Sensor Left Border
Sensor Red Level
Sensor Right Border
Sensor Top Border
Sensor Width
Serial Number
Sharpness Auto
Sharpness Faithful
Sharpness Frequency
Sharpness Landscape
Sharpness Monochrome
Sharpness Neutral
Sharpness Portrait
Sharpness Standard
Sharpness User Def 1
Sharpness User Def 2
Sharpness User Def 3
Shooting Mode
Shot Number In Continuous Burst
Shutter Speed
Shutter Speed Value
Slow Shutter
Specular White Level
SRAW Quality
SRaw Type
Strip Byte Counts
Strip Offsets
Sub Sec Time
Sub Sec Time Digitized
Sub Sec Time Original
Superimposed Display
Target Aperture
Target Exposure Time
Thumbnail Image
Thumbnail Image Valid Area
Thumbnail Length
Thumbnail Offset
Time Zone
Time Zone City
Tone Curve
Toning Effect Auto
Toning Effect Monochrome
Toning Effect User Def 1
Toning Effect User Def 2
Toning Effect User Def 3
User Comment
User Def 1 Picture Style
User Def 2 Picture Style
User Def 3 Picture Style
Valid AF Points
Viewfinder Warnings
Vignetting Corr Version
VRD Offset
WB Bracket Mode
WB Bracket Value AB
WB Bracket Value GM
WB RGGB Levels
WB RGGB Levels As Shot
WB RGGB Levels Auto
WB RGGB Levels Cloudy
WB RGGB Levels Daylight
WB RGGB Levels Flash
WB RGGB Levels Fluorescent
WB RGGB Levels Kelvin
WB RGGB Levels Measured
WB RGGB Levels Shade
WB RGGB Levels Tungsten
WB Shift AB
WB Shift GM
White Balance
White Balance Blue
White Balance Red
X Resolution
Y Resolution
Zoom Source Width
Zoom Target Width

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