Independence Day in Mauritius

There is something I have noticed lately: most Mauritians do not care about the Champ de Mars independence day celebrations. This is in stark contrast with people from other nations such as France, the USA and India who put a lot of emphasis on properly celebrating their national day.

The only thing I can conclude is that Mauritius is not a nation yet despite our hymn (as one people, as one nation).

If you think about it, this is perfectly normal: a nation designates larger groups or collectives of people with common characteristics attributed to them.

Up to now, politicians have not managed to propose common characteristics that we could share and adhere to.

According to this definition, we are not a nation yet.


  1. Did not attend any celebrations at Champs de Mars. However I did attend celebrations at Anjalay Stadium which is quite close to my house. It was far more spacious there :) and definitely more colors compared to a compact region in PL…

    I was at home this year and tried this:

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