My nomination as Chairperson of the ICT Advisory Council



On Friday 6 March, the Government announced my nomination as Chairperson of the ICT Advisory Council. As specified in Part VII of the ICT Act 2001:

  • The Information and Communication Technologies Advisory Council consists of ten members including the Chairperson,
  • The Council shall advise the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Hon. Pravind Jugnauth, on the promotion of the interests of consumers, purchasers and other users concerning IT services, equipment and effect of any tariff policy in Mauritius,
  • The Council shall also advise the Minister on research opportunities in ICT, the adoption of new technologies as well as the improvement of existing services.

ICT is an enabler: it allows people to do things that they couldn’t do before. During the past few decades, ICT has revolutionised the world. But this is nothing compared to what is going to happen next…

As you can see, the Council has a broad mandate and I am looking forward to contribute to make Mauritius better through the proper use of ICT in all fields.

To be complete, it should be noted that the ICT Advisory Council is distinct from the ICT Authority (ICTA). In a certain way, the ICTA looks at the present while the ICT Advisory Council looks at the future.

I would like to thank all of you who have sent me words of encouragement. My apologies for not being able to reply to every single one.



  1. Congratz!

    That’s really good news for the country itself ;)

  2. Congrats! Well deserved. You can do a lot good there :D

  3. Congratulations Avinash. With nominations of people like you I can see a glimpse of hope for a country that has been heading to the drains. I’m more than convinced that you’ll play a very big role in convincing those in power that ICT is more than just call centers and low end back office operations and that programmers are not mere brick layers.

  4. Navin Tangadum says:

    Bonzour missier.


    1. Ki ou affiniter avec MSM?

    2. Eski ou daccord ki pena apel doffres pou sa poste la? Ou nek nommer!

    3. Comier casse tax payers money p transfer lor ou bank account par mois comme salaire?

    4. Eski ou committed pou pousse open source and linux dans secteur public?

    5. Eski ou committed pou demontrer banne les autres members ki kantiter kass p deboursser lor licence microsoft et autres proprietary software par government chaque lannee?

    6. Eski ou committed pou fight for citizens privacy et ensure ki MSM pas coumence monitor lapel telephone et prend lempreint dimounes?

    7. Eski ou committed pou coz avec ministere de leducation et fer de sorte ki curriculum ict dans lecole et colez updated avec linux, shell programming, networking lor shell, et servi python, php, mariadb, etc Eski pou ena class robotics avec arduino?

    8. Ki plan en marche next? Keep la populasse updated!!!

    En temps que citoyen mo expect ou fer boucou et ou dire ki ou p fer. Ou bizin invite dimounes participe. Mo croire en ou malgre ki ou ene nominer politik. Pass laisse moi et pass laisse morice tomber. Nou p compte lor ou la!!!

  5. Thanks to all of you for your kind words, including Navin :-)

    All those who know me know that I am very open and transparent and I will continue to be so. I like to think that the Government has nominated me based on my professional competencies and my track record. Since the announcement on Friday, I have not yet had the opportunity to meet the Minster and the other members of the Council and, as such, it’s too early for me to answer specific questions. I will do so in due course. Thanks for understanding.

  6. Congratulations Avinash, well done!

  7. Abdool Razack Lagesse says:

    Toi tone gagne 6 unité, AAA, tone alle Grande Ecole

    Moi mone gagne 14unité, ACC, mone alle UoM

  8. As a matter of fact, I got 10 “unités” at SC Level, got AAB at HSc level and, yes, managed to get into two Grandes Écoles by working really really hard at university. Thanks for pointing this out. I’m happy you have managed to do university studies too.

  9. Lombeau says:

    Bonzour. Ene lepok pas trouv ou blog.

    Congratulations. Esperer ou capave provide eclairsissement lor sa nouvo role ki ou gagner la.

    Eski ou pou blog lor couma lexpress ine bouzer depi IIS et .NET pou Apache et Drupal? Longtemps ou ti pou blog lor sa banne zafaire la. Astere ou blog dead – pena rien lor la.

    Ki arriver? Trop busy ar la vie, business, travail? Hey man, pas delaisse noulakaz.

  10. Thanks for asking, Lombeau.

    Things have been hectic lately: courses going to at Knowledge Seven, my participation in a few new committees including the ICT Advisory Council and, most importantly, my sister got married two weeks ago and, as you can easily guess, the past few months have been, ahem, interesting :-)

    I wrote a post in 2009 ( on why I blog less now. And I guess, five years later, it is still (and maybe more than ever) relevant.

    Anyway, I do intend to write a bit more frequently now that things have stabilised a bit. Stay tuned ;-)

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