Ronaldinho wins Ballon d’Or, Gerrard and Carragher in Dream Team

Ronaldinho has just won the Ballon d’Or bestowed by France Football. Essentially, Ronaldinho is the best football player in Europe according to journalists.

Like all football maniacs, I agree with that decision even though I wanted Liverpool’s captain, Steven Gerrard, to win after his heroics during last Champions League.

Here is the Dream Team selected by the same journalists:

Now, there are some interesting facts about this selection:

  • Very few teams are represented
    • Four (Cech, Terry, Makelele and Lampard) from Chelsea,
    • Two (Carragher and Gerrard) from Liverpool,
    • Two (Maldini and Shevchenko) from Milan AC and
    • Ronaldinho from Barcelona, Juninho from Lyon and Henry from Arsenal.
  • Very few nationalities are represented
    • Four (Terry, Carragher, Lampard and Gerrard) are from England,
    • Two (Makelele and Henry) are from France,
    • Two (Ronaldinho and Juninho) are from Brazil and
    • Cech from the Czech Republic, Maldini from Italy and Shevchenko from Ukraine.


So, after some very deep thoughts, I conclude that next World-cup final will be England vs. Brazil :-)

(An update from Wikipedia: The 2006 FIFA World Cup was the 18th instance of the FIFA World Cup, the quadrennial international football world championship tournament. It was held from 9 June to 9 July 2006 in Germany, which won the right to host the event in July 2000. Teams representing 198 national football associations from all six populated continents participated in the qualification process which began in September 2003. Thirty-one teams qualified from this process, along with the host nation, Germany, for the finals tournament. The tournament was won by Italy, who claimed their fourth World Cup title. They defeated France 5–3 in a penalty shootout in the final, after extra time had finished in a 1–1 draw. Germany defeated Portugal 3–1 to finish third.)


  1. mohamed says:

    je suis ton plus grand fan et je joue comme toi je suis le meilleur joueur de soccer de ma classe je suis en primer

  2. England vs Brazil eh? more like France v Italy and
    Italy wins and Milan won UCL italy reigns!!

  3. ronaldinio is the best football player in the world

  4. eh henry ggdfrtdffjfgdh

  5. some guy says:

    u should have put buffon in goal he is better dan cech

  6. some buddy says:


  7. England maybe but Brazil no they use to be good but now they have gone down.Next world cup campiones de mundo will be Portugal vs. Spain and Portugal will win.

  8. G. Thomas says:

    I thought Van nisterooy is good?

  9. i like fc liverpool becouse my self ok my gerrad thank you liverpool iam natiolity soomaali il live moqadishu shingaani

  10. ronaldinho

  11. anthony doyle says:

    i think diego milito is very good and alves should be in this squad coz i eat his poo

  12. i like to change juninho to kaka and lampard too c.ronaldo and carrager to canavaro and messii

    Attack:Drogba , Ronaldinho , Eto’o , Messi.

    Middlefilder:Kaka , Gerard , C.Ronaldo , c.Fabregas , F.Riberyy.

    Defense:Nesta , Maldini , Canavaro , Terry , Ashley Cole , R.Carlos

    Goaalkeper:I.Casilas , Buffon , P.Cheh , Dida .

  13. Anonymous says:

    götümü yala

  14. ATTACK : Ronaldinho . Ibrahimovic . Messi

    MIDDLEFILDER : R.Quaresma . Fabregas . Iniesta . Gerrard

    DEFENSE : Abidal . Vidic . Milito . Alves

    Goalkeepers : Frei . Buffon . Casilas .

  15. Barça_Fan says:

    ATTACK : Trezeguet, Ibrahimovic, Messi

    MIDDLEFILDER : Ribery, Kaka, Fabregas, C.Ronaldo

    DEFENSE : Materrazi, Ferdinand, Carragher

    Goalkeepers : Buffon

  16. milan is champion in the world

  17. nexhat says:

    attack; ronaldinho,torres,messi,tevez
    middlefil;xavi,cristiano ronaldo,nani

  18. the best football player is me wo wo

  19. m@roo says:

    attack : torres , henry , messi , drogba

    midfeinder : f.riberry , c.ronaldo , kaka , xavi , gerrard

    deffender : maldini , puyol , sergio ramos

    g.k : casilas , buffon

  20. Forza Italia says:

    I’m really sorry for you Avinash that your conclusion was Brazil vs England for the World Cup Final. Expect the unexpected. Don’t rely on what people say, on the media and even what you think. Cause you cannot win all the time in football. As you have seen recently Netherlands got a beating with Russia (3-1). Holland were the most favorite, but they lost. As it concerns the World Cup 2006, in case you forgot, Italia won it – dominate doesn’t mean win.

  21. Hi, this is something I wrote in November 2005 and many things have happened since :-)

  22. eroniti says:

    mesfushor.. pirlo.sedorf .lampard.gerard.messi.ballak.valon behrami
    mbrojtja.. nesta,maldini, kanavaro.terry. makelele
    portjer.. dida.bufon. cech.casilias.van der sar .cezar

  23. ku je o ronalnd

  24. l luv ronaldinho

  25. Anonymous says:

    ronaldinho ma i forti dihet

  26. eRmal says:

    GK: …………………….Buffon,Reina,Cech,Casillas,VDS…………………………..

    Dani Alves……….Carragher………………….Skrtel……………Evra


    Ibrahimovic Torres

  27. Berat says:


  28. armed says:

    henry is the best

  29. Anonymous says:

    were are kaka and c.ronaldo and buffon and ramos ?

  30. Anonymous says:

    attack:messi,robinho,david villa,drogba,torres
    defenders:terry,puyol,cannavaro,sergio ramos


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  2. […] wasn’t the only one. Upon collecting his Ballon d’Or trophy in 2006, Ronaldinho gave the world notice of what was to come. “This award says I’m the best […]