ADSL bandwidth sucks in Mauritius

I’ve just created a group on Facebook called ADSL bandwidth sucks in Mauritius. Feel free to join in and participate in the discussions.

The name of the group is provocative. But I hope the discussions will be constructive. At the end of the day, we want better bandwidth!

Incidentally, a friend, Marc Israel, who works at Microsoft (yes, I have friends at Microsoft…) has just blogged about his new-found admiration for MT… His blog entry is about the Net PC that MT is going to sell in January 2008 and which is powered by Microsoft software.


  1. I don’t know if I got the tech part right but I commented about the NETPC here ->

  2. indeed download speed has been really bad lately.

    Also i wonder why they restricted local upload speed and then claim to give everyone 2mbps download speed locally! 2mbps locally just is a big lie if one is limited by its upload speed, i had been having a webserver to share some project files with cindy over the myt network, sped is mostly 40-48 KB/s, but this isn’t 2mbps, why limit our local upload speed if they really wanted to give us 2mbps?

    As far as international download speed.. well it is always low.

    And as far as facebook :p is good for MT that i don’t have an account there else i would have been ranting and ranting a lot!


  3. chouaïbe says:

    nice chosen name for a group. :)

    at the end I’ve came to the conclusion that the bandwidth issue is a lost cause well in advance untill some money is injected to increase the bandwidth over the SAFE cable or better still to invest Rs1 Billion to get connected to the EASSy cable project; which to me with our current ‘situation économique’ won’t permit us to do it; well I think…!

    just to say that it’s not about MT, but it’s a political issue involving a Minister who is a rookie in the IT field (to me he don’t master the technicalities of this post), and another Minister who should have spent some couple of millions in a sector which is supposedly to be the strongest pillar of the Mauritian economy in the years to come (instead of throwing millions away in other projects which could well have waited)..With the the same old bla bla again and again about cyber island etc etc …If this is not enough to make them understand that it is a long term investment for the development of the country, I don’t know what is left to be said to make these very very very intelligent person sitting at the assembly understand the critical issue here!
    malheureusement la matiere grise ca ne se vend pas dans nos boutiques..sinon on aurait bien pu faire des dons pour en acheter pour certaines personnes.

    franchement suis jaloux des personnes en europes avec des vrais broadband!!

    mais bon, peut etre bien dans une dizaine d’annees on pourra se contenter d’une bande passante de 4MB …PEUT ETRE..

  4. Inf // Bharat says:

    And the string goes on again! :P I just love those “ADSL Bandwidth Sucks In Mauritius” things, may it be petitions, groups, articles and all. Too bad nothing works though.. No action is ever taken.

    The speeds of Fibre Optics make you dreammm.. Speeds above 50Mbps.. just wow.

    Selven: “speed is mostly 40-48 KB/s, but this isn’t 2mbps”

    I think myT is trying to cap the upload speed too now, because people use it to share files locally. If it’s capped, I don’t find any difference between myT and Wanadoo ADSL.. :(

  5. Hiya friends, i just wanted to share some internal news with you, i had once got a tender to set-up a server at telecom plus! maybe many of you don’t know that in Mauritius we have connection of 8MB/s, yes!! astonished? the 8MB/s is used only by telecom, its not commercialized, too bad for us! the upload & download speed is both 8MB/s. i had used the connection and it was damn too good, i still have the user & pass to access it but i prefer not take any risk at home! :( one thing i would like to point out is that MT should increase the upload speed to at least 256KPS, but here is the trick, if MT increase it, your download speed also will increase slightly gaining around 10-15KPS more, well i know these things well as i have worked on the myt project and all its internal settings!and also if you are not aware, those having myt their local speed it 4MB :) yes! just got to :
    2. enter user : admin
    3. pass : admin
    4. go to : “configuration avancée” then select adsl n statisques adsl and see your : Débit descendant”
    it should be around 4096KPS/s

    well there is a whole system to control that at MT, can’t share more, maybe its against the law of ICT


  6. the current upload rate is around 400kbps, since i did some local test with myt 256 users.. max download rate was 49KB/s which is around 392kbps, which i suppose is probably 50KB/s and hence if we round it become 400kbps.

    ohh well… myt .. telecom.. nomad and all.. they all want to just leeche our blood from telephone cables.

  7. Pissoff with MT says:

    I’d like to share an info. I have myt 256 and I’ve been downloading mp3 music, movies, etc. for a year. The transfer rate I used to get was 20~30 KB/s and then as from 20 Dec 2007, this went down to 0.25~3.53 KB/s. I’ve called their customer line 8585 and they gave me this explanation that I’ve exceeded my Internet Data Volume of 1 GB and that this will restore back at the beginning of next month. Visiting Yahoo! website takes 1 minute 47 seconds to open, Servihoo website takes 59 seconds , BBC website takes 2 minutes 36 seconds as at today.

    On this 1st January 2008, I’ve called them again and there, they explain to me that I might have caught a malware. I told them that I have scanned my computer against virus, trojan, spyware, malware, whatever this person on the phone has mentioned and nothing appeared. They said they’ve checked my phone line and it’s working fine. I’ve borrowed a Nomad 64 from a friend and guess what’s the transfer rate I’ve got, 8.5 KB/s. I checked the transfer rate at another friend’s place who just got myt 256 and it’s 4.5~6.9 KB/s, not the maximum 32 KB/s that they tell you when you subscribe.

    Their biggest argument is if you download the Data Protection Act 2004 PDF file from the website as you are told and you get a transfer rate of 130~140 KB/s, everything is working fine, for them. I feel sorry for these people, who work at MT, who are paid to tell lies to customers and they have to bear the insults from angry customers.

    I argued, and explained whatever I’ve written here, to this person working at myt. He told me that their network is totally saturated..adjustments are being done (which means reducing the bandwidth to accommodate everyone) and that with the promotion going now to attract new customers, they’re out of capacity. My question is why keep on selling when you are out of capacity? The answer is quite simple: Making big money and sharing it with their good partner, France Telecom.

    We are stuck on a small island, like Robinson Crusoe said, and our leaders just keep on playing their daily soap opera (Saga Médicaments, then Saga La Farine..what’s next for this year?) to the media. They announce to cut the rate between mobile phones to fixed phones for November 2007, then postpone to December 2007 and not saying “finally?” for March 2008. Cyber foot.

  8. vikram says:

    ADSL sucks!!! I’ve got ADSL 512 unlimited but i can’t see much difference between ADSL 128!!!
    My data rate is most of the time<100Kbps!!! whenever i report this problem to mauritius telecom, i get only 1 answer. “International speed is not guaranteed”

    Does that f***** “UNLIMITED” thing really means something or it’s just another marketing strategy???????


  9. well, i recently upgraded to ADSL 512 and i’m getting the same problem as vickram.
    phone 8900 and they told me that they would call me back…
    but no call till to-day.
    i think i will go on reveal that piece of cheating from ORANGE!!!!

    Gonna pay Rs 1500 for a max download speed of 14 KB/s with ADSL 512? that is unjust.

  10. Hi out there,

    can someone tell me the procedure to set up the adsl 128 home. I would like to avoid paying the Rs 1000 to the MT for this work. I need the info to set up adsl on the computer of my niece.

    By the way, I am really disappointed by the services provided by MT and the lack of supportive documentation in their website, less the high cost charged for such low speed internet connection.


  11. @ss
    There’s no need to pay the setup fee… The only thing you need to do is install the software, connect the modem & that’s it. :P

  12. give us the pass for the myt8mb and we will try

  13. First of all i have myT 256 and really that sucks!!!!
    I would like to know what is the local speed for adsl 512

  14. Are you surprised by this piece of news?

  15. Well this sounds a good topic for debate but for you guys to get connection like 5mps or higher I think that MT should rework its network. I dont think that its current network can support that much because during peak hours you can see the difference in your download speeds and well upgrading the network to fiber optic can do the good but I dont think that MT will be willing to invest so much for now………. and on top on that theres no single company to compete with MT on the related field, myT is (supposedly) the best ADSL in Mauritius…… its the government which sucksssss.

  16. MytUser says:

    I have upgraded from Wanadoo Adsl 512k to MYT 1 Mb and it turns out to be one very shitty mistake. My supposed “1 mb” is slower than my previous Wanadoo Adsl 512k and i’m paying around twice the price for that. Phoned them infinite number of times, nothing can be done, but apparently, I was capped… but that’s on the very first day I upgraded my connection. Cyber Island, my ass.

  17. anomymous says:

    hi i have a 256 myt but on major site dl speed = 25-35 kbps but its 100-250 on microsoft plz reply

  18. Hi,

    MyT 256 is limited to 256kbit/s when accessing sites from outside Mauritius. But inside our country, things are different and the bandwidth available is 2Mbit/s (this is required for Internet TV). A few months ago, Akamai, one content delivery company, installed servers in Mauritius serving content for a number of companies (and not only Microsoft) which explains the 200kb/s you’re getting. Be happy :-)

    I blogged on that a few months ago.

  19. Prashant says:

    You have friends at Microsoft??

  20. Yep :-)

  21. Hello,
    I need a help. Apart from MT, any other hosting that we can get local speed?
    This is because MT sucks!!!


  22. Hosting? Anyone can help?

  23. for the hosting, most of my people i serve contents [which is rarely a few files and some other things, i host on my own machine at home, and since mosto f the people that needs my box are on myt, its pretty fast, unfortuntely, due to upload limitations, i can’t get the 2mbps… try thinking of a p2p approach maybe??

  24. Internet connection in Mauritius is becoming much better with the introduction of fiber cable to all homes with a bandwidth of 30 Mbps, but the price is very high…

  25. What is the use of having fiber all around the island if we are still going through an IXP located in london to access places close by? Defeats all purpose..

    We got a shitty latency here, and the act as if they don’t have any idea how to fix it, when infact IF you know people you can get decent latency.
    See how:

    Seriously, dafuq is this:
    thundermac:~ selven$ traceroute
    traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
    1 ( 20.101 ms 0.560 ms 0.498 ms
    2 ( 23.093 ms 23.791 ms 23.877 ms
    3 ( 23.252 ms 24.674 ms 24.099 ms
    4 ( 24.684 ms 23.916 ms 38.667 ms
    5 ( 226.394 ms 224.925 ms 225.667 ms
    6 ( 226.122 ms 225.800 ms 226.582 ms
    7 ( 226.274 ms 276.270 ms 226.117 ms
    8 ( 226.129 ms ( 228.271 ms 225.921 ms
    9 ( 261.891 ms 262.090 ms 266.083 ms
    10 ( 306.723 ms 266.902 ms 287.697 ms
    11 ( 344.054 ms 340.652 ms 372.725 ms
    12 ( 340.738 ms 357.235 ms 341.704 ms
    13 ( 341.959 ms 343.569 ms 344.447 ms
    14 ( 342.974 ms 340.693 ms 342.274 ms
    15 ( 342.916 ms 342.992 ms 343.664 ms
    16 ( 334.097 ms 341.259 ms ( 335.393 ms
    17 ( 341.776 ms ( 342.362 ms

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