Web 0.0

I’ve just realised something while reading this.

Everyone on the planet is talking of Web 2.0 (the web as a platform needing lots of bandwidth i.e. for applications like Flickr or YouTube). Here in Mauritius we don’t have the required bandwidth to normally experience Web 1.0 sites correctly (for instance, Amazon can be extremely slow here even when using ADSL.)

So, I can only conclude one thing:

    Mauritius is a Web 0.0 country :-)


  1. I would even go to Web -100. Can you imagine MT does not even allow scripting on personal web pages !!! Are you in 1996? How do we expect intelligent local contents using latest Web technologies by students or amateurs who can’t pay the fees?

  2. Yes Raj, I’m 100% with you on this. How can MT and T+ don’t provide adequate hosting facilities for paying subscribers is absolutely stupid!

    It’s just so easy to set up a LAMP server that I can only say that this is a deliberate strategy.

  3. Most ISPs don’t provide scripting facilities for their free webspace products. Or am I missing something here?

  4. Except that T+ was, for years, in a monopolistic situation and should have helped the Government in its Cyberisland vison…

  5. I heard that they used to allow scripting though?

  6. “I heard that they used to allow scripting though?”
    Yes they did. Around 1999 they had ASP when they were using IIS and then they had Perl in around 2000 and at some point had PHP. The ASP was not very secure, they didn’t realise that the FileSystemObject exposed a methods like GetFolders and you could easily navigate through other people’s folders. When they had Perl they hadn’t put any restrictions on the size of file you could upload, I’ll let you guess what happened ….

    I know you can use scripting on free sites outside Mauritius but when the hell are we going to use the local 2 MB bandwidth to create Web 2.0 contents. When will MT and the authorities realise that we should let our imagination go wild, try out things on the net and may be we could come up with some interesting ideas. I could create an interesting web app on my local machine but how do I get feedback from people?

    The lack of imagination and shortmindness of our authorities is appaling. I sometimes wonder there are any IT people among the ministers advisers?

    Cry beloved, country cry :-(

  7. Just one question: Has anyone of you ever bothered to use the 50MB provided upon subscribing to your ADSL(read slow ADSL here) package?

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