Using my own simple WordPress theme

I am now using a simple WordPress theme that I’ve devised myself by following this fantastic list of guides:

  • Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 1
  • Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 2
  • Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 3
  • Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 4

Thanks you once more, John Godley :-)


  1. I tried making a WP theme also a couple of months ago, but gave up pretty soon after starting it :P i didn’t seem to be going anywhere near a final product! I only managed to ‘customize’ the default theme here and there.

    nice going on achieving yours :) *thumbs up*

  2. Hi LaSh,

    If you follow the guides, I’m sure you’ll come up with your own theme. In fact, it will ressemble mine somewhat because mine was initially what I got by following the guides to the letter.

    In the process, you’ll learn about how WordPress and WordPress themes really work.

    Then, you’ll start tinkering and, at the end, you’ll have your own customized theme ;-)

  3. I find the theme quite nice. Bookmarked the guides :-)

  4. nice post about wp theme..
    a lots of wordpress themes are available to download and apply, but what u have shown, is nice.

  5. Yes. There are a lot of themes online but nothing beats devising your own :-)

  6. I have been a frequent visitor of this blog for some time now, so I thought it would be a good idea to leave you with my thanks.

    Jim Mirkalami

  7. You’re welcome!

  8. kan ou gagne les temps, fair ene pou wp 2.6
    sory mo donne ou coma dire travail pou fer. mai merci

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