TV is dead. The Internet is alive.


TV is dead.

This whole conversation about whether we should have local content on hypothetical local TV channels is quite irrelevant.

The Internet, and YouTube in particular, has replaced TV.

Young people don’t watch TV. Even old people are watching less TV given the prevalence of tablets and smartphones. Read this Business Insider article.


  1. I think the title is very misleading. It’s not that TV is dead. A better title would be “TV as we know it is dying”. It’s not dead yet. Moreover, the data is for USA not the whole world. The first comment nailed it. Big TV companies in North America make consumers pay more and more for things they don’t want. If you want a particular channel, most of the time, you need to buy a whole package. For example, TV5 is no longer free in Ontario, Canada. To get it, I need to buy a whole package which includes channels I wil never ever watch. Ever is a very long time.

  2. The title was a bit over the top, I agree. But, you know, sensationalism incite people to leave comments :-)

    You’re right. TV is not dead. It’s only dying. Most (young) people don’t watch TV anymore: they download content from the Internet or watch videos on YouTube. And that’s a good thing as the business model behind TV (basically, produce crap programmes, attract mass audiences and monetize through advertisement) is not in the interest of the population and the country. TV programmes should have been much better and entertain which educating. TV has failed. It had its time though.

    To put things in the local context, having local TV channels without news is stupid. Fortunately, we have the Internet.

  3. True, with the internet, things are changing but lets not talk too much or too loud on this…else we might not get decent bandwidth to be able to stream video online. But there is still a long route to go (maybe five years or more), not everyone has access to the internet and not everyone who is connected know how to efficiently make use of it.

  4. Sure. But all young people do. And this is, in a certain way, all that matters…

  5. Hi Avinash,

    It seems that you have totally and utterly emigrated to ‘Geekland’! What, no more posts about current affairs and politics in Mauritius?

  6. Hi Aziz,

    I really should! There are so many things that need to become better. The most important, according to me, is education.

  7. I vaguely recall that you had a section on your blog where readers could recommend topics or even initiate one.

    With the recent fb communal attacks, UoM in turmoil, etc, etc. We need a forum where those able to think outside of the box may seek solace.

  8. Thanks for noticing Aziz.

    I’ve added a “What do you want me to write about?” box on the right of the page. You’re right. We really need a forum for all of us who want to bring some change in our country.

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